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Over the years, USC ReadersPlus has formed partnerships with various organizations on and off the university campus.

As an organization under the Joint Educational Project (JEP), ReadersPlus coordinators at the Family of Five schools are responsible for placing and overseeing volunteers who take part in JEP's Project Read, Math Mentorship, and Literacy Project.


Books and Blankies

USC ReadersPlus and Project Books and Blankies teamed up to host the first annual International Reading Festival in September 2006 and have continued to work together every year since then.

Project Read and Math Mentors

Students engage in eight week JEP assignments mentoring children in the Family of Five schools, alongside our paid USC Readers. Many JEP students receive course credit for their participation while others choose to volunteer for this community service.

Literacy Project

Faculty, staff, alumni, and graduate students volunteer 1-2 hours a week, developing mentoring relationships with individual students revolving around literacy.