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Mission Statement

At USC ReadersPlus, we believe that the challenge of promoting reading and math development can best be accomplished by:

   1. Improving skills and strategies for learning,
   2. Exposing children to various forms of literature and real life math problems,
   3. Making reading and math fun and interactive, and
   4. Creating a positive learning relationship between the students and their reader or math mentor.

Our literacy goal is to instill a love of reading in the students of our community that will help them improve their reading and writing skills. Our math goal is to promote an understanding of basic math facts and concepts in student while at the same time nurturing them in becoming effective problem-solvers. In order to accomplish the goals described above, we strive to:

  • Assist students who are performing at the third quartile--those students who are just below grade level and may just need a little extra attention to pull them into books and reading or to enhance their mathematical understanding.
  • Avoid working with children who are suffering with learning disabilities or other related problems; reading specialists and professional teachers can best help these children.
  • Work one-on-one with students to develop a consistent relationship with each child revolving around books and literacy or math acquisition.
  • Build the self-esteem of the children we work with and communicate the specialness of reading.
  • Work with words through reading, writing, and speaking, and guide literacy development through the use of the three cueing systems that successful readers use simultaneously: meaning, structure, and phonics.
  • Work with numbers to nurture a real understanding of number concepts by encouraging students to illustrate their problem solving strategies and explain their solutions to basic math problems.

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