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Public Service Internship Program

The Public Service Internship Program is designed to give undergraduate JEP students a deeper understanding of the community-based organizations they worked with through their service-learning courses at USC. It provides funding for students to build on their service-learning experiences by becoming 25%- or 50%-time interns at their JEP sites. The internships will vary, depending on the needs of the organization, but most will involve helping the organizations with fund-raising, grant-writing, program development, or other activities that are core to the agency’s operations.

Students are eligible to apply if they participated in a JEP-sponsored service-learning course during the academic year where they were placed with a community-based organization (ex: the Youth & Family Agencies (YFA) sites, Homeboy Industries, CARECEN, and 826LA). Preference will be given to students enrolled in summer classes at USC. Internships must be approved by the sponsoring site.

JEP will pay hourly wages ($10/hour) to the interns and provide a $500 stipend for the agencies to cover the costs of supervising the student(s). Dates for the 8 to10-week internship program will be determined jointly by the student, the sponsoring agency, and JEP. THE DEADLINE TO APPLY IS LISTED ON THE APPLICATION.

For other information about the program, please contact Jacqueline Whitley (email; 213-740-1829)


Download an application (.pdf)