Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate major programs are well rounded and flexible, and provide opportunities for students to pursue a variety of academic and professional interests, such as psychology, medicine, law, and business. Students who take advantage of research opportunities and who excel academically are in an excellent position for graduate school consideration at major research universities.

Some of the departmental opportunities you can read about in this website are the honors program, the Psi Chi Honors society, a course in Psychology as a Profession, and a course in Field Experiences in Psychology. In addition, many of our majors participate in the university’s overseas studies program, in internships, in varsity athletics, or in a wealth of campus organizations.

The learning objectives of psychology majors include:

  • Demonstrate a scientific understanding of biological, cognitive and social underpinnings of human mental processes, and behavior, including perception, learning, cognition, emotion, motivation, and social interaction
  • Demonstrate a scientific understanding of human diversity and factors influencing individual differences in life outcomes
  • Demonstrate an understanding of research design for testing behavioral hypotheses
  • Demonstrate the ability to write effectively about psychological science
  • Department of Psychology
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