Quantitative Methods Faculty


John McArdle
(Ph.D., 1977, Hofstra University; Postdoc, 1980, University of Denver)
Professor and Area Head
Longitudinal structural equation models for dynamic systems analysis. Computer adaptive testing for cognitive survey research. Exploratory data mining in psychology.

Laura Baker
(Ph.D., 1983, University of Colorado at Boulder)
Statistical models of gene-environment interplay in human behavior, and the biological and social processes that lead to diversity. Longitudinal methods for understanding individual differences in both stability and change in traits and behaviors across development.

Richard John
(Ph.D., 1984, University of Southern California)
Associate Professor
Decision analysis and behavioral games; affiliation with USC Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events (CREATE)

Rand Wilcox
(Ph.D., 1976, University of California at Santa Barbara)
Robust methods aimed at correcting known problems associated with classic, routinely used techniques for comparing groups and studying associations. Included are various multivariate techniques such as principal components and outlier detection methods.

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