Volunteer Internships

Psychology students are encouraged to experience psychology first-hand through psychology-oriented service opportunities and internships.

Use links below to help find internships:JEP Workers Receiving Community Recognition from the City of LA

Get Course Credit for your Internship

For a more intensive experience doing psychology-oriented work in a community setting, PSYC391, Directed Field Experience in Psychology, offers credit for a supervised placement. PSYC 391 is reserved for psychology majors and minors only.

PSYC 391 students work all over Los Angeles, in diverse settings such as human resources, marketing, product development, and legal research, as well as sites providing clinical services to clients across a wide range of ages and backgrounds. Take a look at our list of sites – you may be surprised what you can do for credit while building your resume! Popular PSYC 391 Sites

MORE INFORMATION: PSYC 391 Syllabus   PSYC 391 Application

HOW TO APPLY:  To receive permission to enroll in PSYC391, you must (1) identify a volunteer placement that allows you to acquire applied experience in psychology and (2) find a faculty sponsor. You and your faculty sponsor will develop a written plan that includes a designated on-site supervisor at the placement, and a brief proposal for a written paper due at the end of the semester analyzing psychological issues pertinent to your placement.

FINDING a PLACEMENT:  See our list of Popular 391 Sites

Other opportunities may be available through:

- Joint Educational Project.  Contact Jacqueline Whitley at

- USC Volunteer Center runs programs such as Alternative Breaks that may qualify for field experience. Contact Joenique Rose at

- USC faculty members conducting research in the community may have opportunities for you to work as an intern. They can serve as both the on-site supervisor and faculty sponsor.

- Suggest your own site through your contacts and ideas.  With enough notice, you can even arrange to earn PSYC 391 units while back home for the summer or volunteering abroad.

- If you do not find a placement that fits your goals or you would like guidance in choosing a volunteer placement, contact Dr. Carol Prescott at to discuss the available options.

FINDING a FACULTY SPONSOR:  Any professor may sponsor you for PSYC 391 as long as he/she is trained in psychology.  Professors who have served previously as sponsors include: Dr. Barone, Dr. Chernoff, Dr. Gatz, Dr. Hennigan, Dr. Leventhal, Dr. Lopez, Dr. Manis, and Dr. Rueda. You may contact Dr. Prescott for help in finding a good match.


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