Developmental Psychology Graduate Students

The following is a list of graduate students in the Developmental area and a brief description of their research interests. Given the interdisciplinary nature of the discipline as it is represented at USC, some of our faculty work with students in other areas of the department (e.g., Clinical Science, Brain and Cognitive Science) or in other doctoral programs (e.g., Neuroscience) and some of the students work with faculty in other areas of psychology or even other disciplines (such as Social Work and Law).

Elizabeth Ahern (entered 2007)
Children’s understanding of truthfulness and legal terminology

Rachel Beattie (entered 2006)
Development of phonological skill and reading fluency in children

Carlyn Carter (entered 2005)
Cultural perspectives on children’s development of empathy

Nashla Feres (entered 2002)
The relationship of parental maltreatment to adolescent internalizing problems

Jason Goldman (entered 2007)
Brain bases of reading development, neurological bases of moral emotions

Allie Khalulyan (entered 2013)
Developmental psychology

Zhisen Jiang (entered 2007)
Language comprehension and reading in young adults

Jian Li (entered 2003)
Health and exercise decision making in younger and older adults

Yusuke Kuroki (entered 2008)
Socioeconomic and cultural factors in early literacy development; advanced statistical methods

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