Advisement and Resources

Photo of Undergraduate Advisors: Jorge Castro, Daniel Paris, Ingrid Popper, & Vivian Hsu-Tran


To make an appointment with an advisor, log on to MyUsc and click on advisement.  If you are a current USC student and are a Psychology major or have been referred by the department you will be able to schedule an appointment.  If you are not enrolled at USC or are unable to schedule an appointment email for assistance.

Psychology Blog and Social Media

Psychology Advisement Blog

The blog posts any and all jobs, internships, scholarships, conferences, summer programs, clubs, workshops, and other opportunities that we learn about as your Psychology advisors. All you need to do is subscribe using your email address, and the blog will notify you every time their is a new posting.

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Psychology Twitter Page

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Psychology Student Resource Handbook

Many opportunities on campus and at other institutions are available to students interested in the field of Psychology. The advisement resource handbook is a partial list of scholarship, internship, research and professional development opportunities. We encourage you to visit this site regularly for new opportunities. Handbook

Pre-Requisite Waivers

Pre-requisite waivers are discouraged in this department. However, there may be some situations that warrant an exception. If you feel you qualify for an exception, stop by SGM 501 or download the prerequisite waiver form, complete and obtain the signature of the professor teaching the course you wish to take, and then obtain approval from the director of undergraduate studies. Note, that while a professor might sign the waiver, final approval is under the discretion of the director of undergraduate studies. Waivers are rarely granted.

Advisement FAQ

Click here for Advisement FAQ.


USC offers a number of scholarships. Current freshman, sophomores, and juniors may apply for the Continuing Student Scholarship. Incoming students are not eligible to apply, but may do so in subsequent years.  There are also many other independent scholarships to apply for. Students need at least a 3.0 GPA at USC to apply for these scholarships, with some requiring even higher standards.

Campus Resources

  • Department of Psychology
  • University of Southern California
  • SGM 501
  • 3620 South McClintock Ave.
  • Los Angeles, CA 90089-1061
  • Phone: (213) 740 - 2203