GC3 Lecture Schedule

Lectures from Previous Semesters: Fall 2013 Archive; Spring 2014 Archive

All Lectures occur in SGM 718, unless otherwise noted. Download the Schedule Here

Date Time Title Lecturer
9/11/2014 1pm  Data Analysis: From Start to Finish  Sarfaraz Serang 
9/18/2014 1pm  How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Data: Management & Organization in SPSS Leslie Berntsen
9/25/2014 1pm  Analyze This, That, and Also That: Basic Procedures in SPSS  Leslie Berntsen 
10/2/2014 1pm  Repeated Measures Analysis in SPSS Franchesca Cortez  
10/9/2014 1pm  Baby Steps to Learn R for SPSS Users Kenneth Nguyen
10/16/2014 1pm Stay Organized with Basic RStudio Programming Ben Smith
10/23/2014 1pm Time Series Analysis in Psychological Data Shannon Potts
10/30/2014 1pm  Inter-Rater Reliability in SPSS Marie Gillespie 
11/6/2014 1pm Structural Equation Modeling in AMOS Franchesca Cortez 
11/13/2014  1pm  Statistical Learning-Part 1: Preprocessing  Ross Jacobucci  
11/20/2014 1pm  Statistical Learning-Part 2: Ridge Regression and the Lasso Sarfaraz Serang 


12/4/2014  1pm  Statistical Learning-Part 3: Advanced Algorithms Ross Jacobucci 


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