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Professional Staff

  • Develop new programs & procedures
  • Write curricular materials
  • Work with faculty to develop service-learning options for their classes
  • Participate in on- and off-campus committee work
  • Engage in fund-raising
  • Improve the ability of the program to serve both the academic & urban communities
  • Participate in national conferences

Tammy Anderson

Executive Director, JEP 

Tammy is responsible for JEP Program Operations and staff over-sight. She has been with JEP since 1981. Tammy has a Bachelor's degree in gerontology and a Master's degree in Higher Adult and Professional Education, both from USC.

Brenda Diaz

Director of Community Partnerships

Brenda is our primary liaison to the community and is responsible for visiting and approving new sites, communication with existing sites, development of our service calendar, and problem solving throughout the year.

Brenda is the most senior JEP staff member, starting as a secretary in 1976.

Susan Harris

Associate Director, Research & Academic Affairs

Research Adjunct Assistant Professor of Sociology

Susan has a Ph.D. in Sociology and helps Program Assistants help students draw connections between their academic courses and their work in the community. She also works with the USC professors in developing their curricula to utilize the technical aspects of service-learning pedagogy. Susan has worked with JEP since 1994.

Tina Koneazny

Associate Director

Administration & Educational Outreach

Tina oversees the USC ReadersPlus program and coordinates the program closely with JEP so as to strengthen both programs. Tina worked with JEP for a year as a VISTA volunteer (1993-1994) and returned to join our staff in 1997. Tina is a former elementary school teacher and has a Bachelors and Masters in Education.

Jacqueline J. Whitley

Director of Non-Profit Partnerships

Jac is responsible for fostering partnerships with our non-school sites (particularly non-profits and governmental agencies) which offer special placements for USC students. She manages the undergraduate program assistants that assist in coordinating these special placements (such as Trojan Health Volunteers (THV) and Youth & Family Agencies (YFA) ). She also edits and designs the bi-annual JEP newsletter, and helps administer the Grace Ford Salvatori Scholarship.

Jac started as a graduate student while working on her Master of Education in Postsecondary Administration and Student Affairs, and has been with JEP since the spring semester of 2005.

Emma Rendón

Office Manager

As the office manager, Emma is responsible for day to day office management, assisting in budget preparation, tracking and monitoring budget expenditures, departmental and internal requisitions, and inputting/monitoring student staff files.

She is currently taking classes for a future Bachelors degree in Organizational Management, and has been with JEP since 2008.

Jacob Peters

Asst. Director, Reseach and Academic Affairs

Jake is responsible for day-to-day oversight of JEP's academic affairs: working with graduate students to generate curriculum for JEP programs, training and supporting our undergraduate Program Assistant staff, and collaborating with USC faculty to integrate service-learning into their curriculum and classrooms.  Jake started with JEP in 2009 as a graduate student Service-Learning Liaison, joined the full-time staff in 2012, and has a Ph.D in geography.