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Pre-Law Organizations & Opportunities

Involvement is an important part of the law school applicaiton process. It helps to give your college years a voice and tells the story of your experiences outside of the classroom. While the type or number of organizations you are involved in does not matter, the quality of the your work within the organization does make a difference.  

USC offers a number of s pre-law related student organizations for your involvement. Pre-Law organizations provides students with the chance to connect with other students who too are on the path to law school. In addition to organizations, there are various pre-law opportunities designed to help inform you about the legal field. 

Pre-Law Student Organizations


  • Blackstonians Pre-Law Honor Society
    • Blackstonians offers a variety of events, speakers, and resources that will help students better understand the law school application process as well as how to succeed in law school and the professional world. Applications are available in VKC 327. Visit for more information.
  • USC Journal of Law and Society
    • The purpose of this organization is to promote undergraduate legal research and critical thinking in the field of law and how it affects society today. Join the Journal of Law and Society to review, edit, and publish undergraduate papers! Meetings are Mondays at 6:30pm in VKC105. For more information, go to or email
  • USC Mock Trial Team
    • Mock Trial is a simulated courtroom trial where college undergraduates portray lawyers and witnesses in a full on litigation experiences. Tryouts generally take place in September of each year. For more information, go to
  • Phi Alpha Delta
    • Rush Phi Alpha Delta, Law Fraternity International! USC’s first and only Pre-Law, Professional Fraternity. Phi Alpha Delta is open to students of all majors, and students may join during both the Fall and Spring semesters. For more information, visit or email
  • Pre-Law Society
    • The USC Pre-Law Society joins all pre-law affiliated groups as one community. PLS offers many opportunities for all Pre-Law students to interact with each other, and is a great way to get information about the pre-law affiliated student organizations. For more information, email

Pre-Law Opportunities