big reasons to experience
USC Dornsife as an undergraduate

  • Reason 1: Liberal Arts Education

    Critical thinking, creative problem-solving, power of expression and broad-based knowledge produce enlightened, thoughtful and informed citizens of a multi-cultural world.

  • Reason 2: Renaissance Ideal

    With 130 majors and minors, students may choose divergent majors, such as art history and neuroscience, to synthesize their learning experiences and to create an innovative education.

  • Reason 3: Student Research

    Within a world-class research university, students research one-on-one with faculty, preparing them for advanced degrees at USC and other prestigious institutions.

  • Reason 4: Community Engagement

    Students connect, engage and partner with the local community and beyond through service-learning commitments that help them solve real-world problems.

  • Reason 5: Global Experiences

    Students study in nearly 30 countries in 50 programs that combine problem-based or inquiry learning research, and make them true citizens of the world.

  • Reason 6: Innovative Learning

    Extraordinary faculty support students who are actively engaged in experiential learning, multimedia literacy, the pursuit of intellectual excellence, and a desire for life-long knowledge.