POSC Undergrad Advising


Undergraduate Advisors
Fanny Cisneros Paul Kovich
(213) 740-3445 (213) 740-3621
fcisnero@usc.edu kovich@usc.edu



If you are interested in declaring Political Science as your major, you *must* meet with an advisor in person.  It is critical that you meet regularly with advisors to aid with course selection, major requirements, class registration and to ensure you are on track for graduation. Advisors can also help you meet your general goals and interests as an undergraduate student.

We offer several different types of advising year round.

  • Pre-registration Advising - Students are required to meet with an advisor their first three (3) semesters and upon completion of 60 units prior to enrollment for the following semester. Dates assigned for pre-registration advising will be announced each semester via email and posted in the advising office. During the assigned dates, advisors will be available for walk-in appointments. Prior to meeting with an advisor, students should review OASIS for information including: STARS reports, date of registration, and enrollment restrictions.
  • Departmental Advising - Major advising is available throughout the academic year.  In order to maximize the advising meeting, students should review their STARS Report, identify individual interests, and make a list of questions to ask the advisor. Students with a second major or minor should visit each department advisor and always notify your Political Science advisor of your double major/minor schedules. 
  • Informational Advising - Students interested in learning general information about Political Science at USC are encouraged to meet with an advisor.
  • Specialty advising - All students are encouraged to meet with an advisor to discuss specialties in the program such as studying abroad, politically-oriented internships, academically-competitive programs, and post-graduation opportunities.

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