Political Science at USC

Political science is the study of governments, political systems and processes, political behavior, political philosophy, and public policy. At USC, the Department of Political Science curriculum is organized according to four major subfields:

  1. American Politics
  2. Comparative Politics
  3. Political Thought
  4. Law and Public Policy and several other fields of concentration.

Departmental faculty employ a variety of methodological approaches to examine fundamental issues of power, representation, law, social change, political institutions, and political participation. Many of our faculty are affiliated with research centers and interdisciplinary programs on campus. 

Political science students acquire a valuable set of verbal, analytical, and technical skills that are applicable to a broad range of careers in government, law, business, organizations, nonprofit groups, electoral politics, public opinion polling, and journalism, among other professions. Political science undergraduates also continue their education in graduate and professional schools. 

Our students benefit from unique academic, research, and internships opportunities including the award-winning Trial Advocacy Program, and a variety of programs on current affairs though the Jesse M. Unruh Institute of Politics. Outstanding undergraduate students interested in pursuing original research under faculty supervision can participate in the department Honors Program.

Together, our faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students comprise a vibrant and diverse community of political science scholars.

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