Ilios - Journal of the PSUA

Letter from the Editor

Unceasing passion, in its political and philosophical form, has brought to us our second issue of Ilios: the Journal of the Political Science Undergraduate Association. Quite often, passion compels the production of exceptional work, both in relation to one’s own works and to the works of others. Precisely this is what the supreme form of energy, passion, has produced for our second issue. It has produced works so outstanding that I am proud simply to be able to call myself a peer of, and interlocutor with, the works’ authors.

On this note, it must be added that Ilios was created with the underlying philosophy that it ought to be the primary task of educational institutions to instill and cultivate within students noble passions. This raises a question. For what should these passions be instilled and cultivated? This instillation and cultivation ought to be achieved to impel an exchange of thoroughly developed ideas, which will necessarily lead to the production of the conditions for human advancement.


On the Origins of Racial Inequality


There is a community of homosapiens that has developed, like much of the flora/fauna of Madagascar, in utter isolation from the rest of humanity. Their race is unknown to us, and ours unknown to them—yet they have a rich heritage. Their language is complex, capable of expressing even the most poetic and scientific of ideas; in essence their language and cognitive capacities have evolved precisely in tandem with our own. They lack no culture, and they know themselves. We can consider them like the early humans who migrated across the Bering Straight from Siberia to Alaska into the New World during the Pleistocene. Thus, they would become anomalous nomads.

We are pleased to announce that the second issue of Ilios has been released! Download Ilios Volume 1 Number 2.