*Deadline Extended through March 14th*

(Disregard the date on the application) 

The Political Science Department invites current sophomore and junior majors with excellent academic records to apply for admission to our Honors Program, to be taught by Professor Dennis Chong (Professor and Chair, Department of Political Science). Students admitted to the program write an Honors thesis on a political science topic of their choice. Students who complete successfully the requirements of the program will graduate with Honors in Political Science, a distinction that will be designated on their transcripts. The best Honors theses will be considered for publication in the Department’s Undergraduate Political Science Journal.

Admitted students enroll in a two-semester honors thesis seminar, Political Science 391 (Fall Semester) and 392 (Spring Semester). During the Fall semester, students will participate in weekly meetings to discuss the elements of social science research and to develop their research proposals; during the Spring semester, students undertake their research and writing of the honors paper. Students will present their papers to the seminar at the end of the Spring Semester.

Admission to the program is based on a competitive application process. Honors students must have a minimum college and departmental GPA of 3.5.

POSC Honors Application Form 2014-15

To submit an application to the Honors Program, download the instructions and application form, and send your completed application to Ms. Fanny Cisneros <fcisnero@dornsife.usc.edu> no later than March 14, 2014.

Freshman-Sophomore Honors

The department offers POSC 190ab, Politics and Society, an honors sequence for freshmen and sophomores. POSC 190a is an honors seminar which emphasizes discussion, independent research, and oral and written reports. The second semester, POSC 190b, is a continuation of the first semester with greater emphasis on research. Open only to freshmen and sophomores in the Political Science major. Students are selected after careful screening based on their academic record and a personal interview. Classes are limited to about 10 students.

Junior-Senior Honors

The department also offers an honors program for outstanding undergraduate political science students in the junior and senior years. The two semester program emphasizes a specialized topic (a different area each year) in Political Science. The organization of the course during the first semester follows the seminar model, emphasizing independent research, discussion, and oral and written reports. In the second semester, the student is required to write a thesis under the direction of a faculty member. Students are admitted to the program after careful screening on the basis of their academic record and a personal interview. Classes are limited to about 10 students.

For more information please contact Paul Kovich or Fanny Cisneros.


Phi Sigma Alpha

USC also has one of the nation's oldest chapters of Phi Sigma Alpha, the national political science honors society. For more information please contact Paul Kovich. Click here to see a copy of the original 1927 letter requesting national recognition of the newly-formed chapter.


Founded at the University of Southern California in 1923, Blackstonians is a pre-law honor society that recognizes academic excellence in undergraduate students and strives to expand their knowledge and perceptions of the legal profession. Students have access to a variety of events, speakers and resources that will enable them to focus on using law and the legal system for the moral improvement of society as a whole. In accordance with Blackstonians bylaws, membership is restricted to USC students who have completed at least 32 units (16 of which must have been at USC), but not more than 118 units. An overall USC GPA of 3.5 is also required. 
For more information or for any questions, visit the Blackstonians website at uscblackstonians.weebly.com.