Career and Specialty Advising

Pre - Graduate School Advising
The Pre-Graduate School Advising Office is here to assist you if you're interested in applying to any graduate program other than law or medicine. Visit their office - they'll help you decide if graduate school is for you, advise you on researching and selecting appropriate schools and programs, and guide you through the admissions process. They can also help you in areas such as writing statements of purpose, requesting letters of recommendation, and exploring test preparation and sources of funding. You may contact or request an appointment with Shayna Kessel at 740-2534 or stop by CAS 120. You can also visit the website for further information at

Pre - Law Advising
"Why do you want to go to law school?" Or, "what do you want to do with your law degree?" Ask a prospective law student either of these questions and you may learn more from what they don't say than from what they do. Some want to save or change the world. Some want the power, prestige and money they believe comes with a law degree. Some have no idea what they want to do and find themselves going to law school by default. And for some, the fortunate ones, decide to go to law school after careful analysis of the time, effort and money involved, with a realistic expectation of what life as a lawyer will be like and the career options a law degree will offer them. These are the prospective students that are encouraged to go to law school, the ones who will find practicing law an exciting, challenging and rewarding career. If you are thinking about law school, visit the pre-law advisors in CAS 120 or call 740-2534 to set up an appointment, for further information visit the website at

Career Planning & Placement Center
The mission of the Career Planning & Placement Center is to provide exceptional career services to all members of the Trojan Family. Our array of programs includes career counseling, workshops, company profile events, career panels, internships, job listings & searches, Trojan Network and Career Fairs. Whether you're sure of what you want to do after you leave USC, or are just beginning to think about what lies ahead, there's something for you in CPPC. Visit Career Center to meet with an advisor regarding internship opportunities, resume writing and interviewing techniques. The Career Planning and Placement Center is located in Student Union 110. You can call 740-9111 or visit the website at further information.