Welcome to the Political Science Undergraduate Advising Website. As a Political Science major you have joined an exciting and academically rigorous department. The Political Science Undergraduate Advising Office is here to provide you with the appropriate support and resources to ensure your academic success. Please feel free to stop by our office in VKC 214 or contact us, Paul Kovich at or 213.740.3621 or Fanny Cisneros, or (213) 740-3445.

Although you are ultimately responsible for your academic decisions, as academic advisors we are here to assist you with your political science program. It is critical that you meet regularly with us to aid with course selection, major requirements, class registration and that you are on track for graduation, in addition to helping you meet your goals and interest as an undergraduate student. We offer several different types of advising year round.

The undergraduate advising office is located in Von Kleinsmid Center 214 and the hours of operation are 9:30 a.m. to noon and 1: 30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Students may visit the advising office to 1) attend or schedule an appointment with an advisor, 2) obtain department information and handouts and 3) Research academic enhancement programs. Advisors are available by appointment and offer four types of advising sessions, offered in 30-minute appointments. During the weeks immediately preceding registration, advisors will see students by walk-in basis only. At that time you should allow time to wait to see an advisor. 

Academic Integrity 

The university as an instrument of learning is predicated on the existence of an environment of integrity. As members of the academic community, faculty, students and administrative staff share the responsibility for maintaining this environment. Faculty has the primary responsibility for establishing and maintaining an atmosphere and attitude of academic integrity such that the enterprise may flourish in an open and honest way. Students share this responsibility for maintaining standards of academic performance and classroom behavior conducive to the learning process. Administrative staff is responsible for the establishment and maintenance of procedures to support and enforce those academic standards. Thus, the entire university community bears the responsibility for maintaining an environment of integrity and for confronting incidents of academic dishonesty. Specific guidelines governing academic integrity are described in SCampus ( Additional information can also be found on the Student Judicial Affairs and Community Standards Web site at

Types of Advising Sessions

Pre-registration advising - All students are encouraged to meet with an advisor to discuss course information and requirements prior to registration. Dates assigned for pre-registration advising will be announced each semester via email and posted in the advising office. During the assigned dates, advisors will be available for walk-in appointments. Prior to meeting with an advisor, students should review OASIS for information including: STARS reports, date of registration, and enrollment restrictions. Students are required to meet with an advisor their first three (3) semesters and upon completion of 60 units prior to enrollment for the following semester. 

Departmental advising - All political science majors and minors are encouraged to meet with an advisor to discuss major requirements, department course offerings, and student opportunities applicable to political science undergraduates. Major advising is available throughout the academic year and students should schedule an appointment with an advisor. In order to maximize the advising meeting, students should review their STARS Report, identify individual interests, and make a list of questions to ask the advisor. Students with a second major or minor should visit each department advisor and always notify your Political Science advisor of your double major/minor schedules. 

Informational advising - Students interested in learning about the political science program offered at USC are encouraged to meet with an advisor. Undeclared students are encouraged to meet with a College of Letters, Arts and Sciences Advisor (LAS) to discuss choosing a major. Students interested in declaring a Political Science major should meet with a Political Science advisor.

Specialty advising - All students are encouraged to meet with an advisor to discuss specialties in program including: study abroad, politically oriented internships, academically competitive programs, and post-graduation opportunities.

Advising Office - VKC 214
Undergraduate Advisors

Paul Kovich

Fanny Cisneros