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Fabian Borges_Herrero
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Education: M.A., Georgetown University (2008); B.A., University of Costa Rica (2005)
Dissertation Title: " Social Policy under Latin America’s New Left: The Political Economy of Social Spending and Anti-Poverty Programs."
Research Interests: Latin American politics, comparative social policy, anti-poverty programs, effects of presidential ideology
Publications: “Rules of Procedure as a Cause of Legislative Paralysis: The Case of Costa Rica, 2002-2010.” Latin American Politics and Society, Forthcoming (Winter 2014); (with Mariano E. Bertucci and Claudia Fuentes-Julio) “Best Practices in Scholar-Practitioner Relations: Insights from the Field of Inter-American Affairs,” International Studies Perspectives 15(1): 54-72, 2014.

Rook Campbell


Rook Campbell currently teaches interdisciplinary studies in areas of political science and diplomacy at the University of Southern California.  Her research interests lie in three primary areas: international security, human rights, and global governance.  As a scholar of international security, she is interested in how local crime, deviance, and social control theories and practices transform in global society. Her research on security focuses on transnational criminal networks and global polity issues of financial market integrity and money laundering.  Looking at truth commissions and legal forums, her work concentrates in the sociology of human rights, while considering issues of collective memory, truth, justice, and reconciliation.  Questions of cultural politics and a discourse of freedom and rights carry through much of her work and largely inform her approach in looking at global governance.  Forged from each of these specialized research areas, she has a developing expertise in the sociology of sport.

She is author of “Staging Globalization for National Projects: Global Sport Markets and Elite Athletic Transnational Labour in Qatar” (International Review for Sociology of Sport, 2010).  Her current book manuscript is entitled, Global Governance of Sport in a Digital Age: The Political Economy of Sport Integrity Regulation

Christina M. Gray

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Christina (Ph.D. 2011) is a Politics and International Relations scholar with a research focus in human rights, gender, ethics and nongovernmental organizations. She is trained in participant observation, interview, QDA (Atlas.ti) and archival methods of research. Christina has extensive experience as a trainer, mentor, public speaker and project manager. Additional academic interests included medieval European history, conflict studies, and international law. She has lived and studied in Freiburg, Germany. She is also an experienced performer and teacher of dance and dance theater and an avid long distance trail runner.
Double- and Triple-minorities in the International Relations Classroom, International Studies Perspectives 9:4, pp.464-468. Co-author: Saori N. Katada
Available: Here
Gulag of Our Times: Diplomatic Postures and Activist Dramatics in Human Rights NGO Strategies, International Studies Association Annual Conference 2007, Chicago. Panel Paper.

Ronald Osborn

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Research Interests: Religion and politics, peace and conflict studies, human  rights,  political theory 
Dissertation Title: “Nihilism's Conscience: Grounding Human Rights After Darwin, Marx, and Nietzsche” 
Education: M.Sc., School of Oriental and African Studies (2005); M.A., St. John’s  College, Annapolis (2002)
"Does 'Religious Violence' Exist?: An Argument Against Essentialism With Particular Reference to the Conquest of the Americas," Politics and Religion (forthcoming).
“Correlates of  Violence in Guinea’s Maison Centrale Prison: A Statistical Approach to Documenting Human Rights Abuses,” Health and Human Rights (2010).
“Seyla Benhabib, Wendell  Berry, and the Question of Migrant and Refugee Rights,” Humanitas (forthcoming).
“Noam Chomsky and the Realist Tradition,” Review of International Studies (April 2009).

Kate Svyatets 

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Dissertation Topic: Energy Security and Cooperation: the Cases of the U.S.-Russia, the  U.S.-Azerbaijan, and Russia-Germany
Research Interests: Energy security and cooperation, international political economy,  foreign policy analysis, U.S.-Russia relations, Eurasia
Publications: (with Robert English and Azamat Zhanalin) “Ethnicity, Nationalism and  Migration in the Former Communist World,” in Ethnicity, Nationalism, and Migration Studies  (The International Studies Association Compendium Project, 2009).
Education: M.A., University of Southern California; B.A., Vladivostok State University
Why I would recommend USC POIR: The program offers great opportunities for research  and professional development, including training in methodology outside of USC, field research abroad, and participation in conferences. The program supports PhD students and provides generous funding for research. The interests of faculty are very diverse, and every student has a wide choice of topics and methodologies to concentrate on. Faculty members work very closely with students and provide excellent guidance.
Robert English, Ekaterina Svyatets. A Presumption of Guilt? Western Media Coverage of the 2008 Russia-Georgia War. Article in revision for submission to Foreign Policy Analysis.
Robert English, Ekaterina Svyatets, Azamat Zhanalin. Nationalism and Post-Communist International Relations. In Robert A. Denemark, ed., The International Studies Encyclopedia. Wiley-Blackwell, 2010, pp. 5279-5301.
Ekaterina Svyatets. Borderline Democracies: The Case of Russia. Proceedings of the 5th Anniversary Convention of the Russian International Studies Association (RISA): “World Politics: View from the Future,” Moscow, MGIMO-University, September 26-27, 2008.

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