POIR Alumni

Jeffrey R. Fields  2007 Director of the Dornsife Washington DC Program and Professor of International Relations at USC. Adversaries and Statecraft: Explaining U.S. Foreign Policy toward Rogue States
Yitan Li  2008 Seattle University
Associate Professor
A two-level analysis of foreign policy decision making: An empirical investigation of the case of China-Taiwan
Amy Margaret Below  2008 Oregon State University
Associate Professor
Decisions to Ratify the Kyoto Protocol: A Latin American Perspective on Poliheuristic Theory
Weixia Chen  2008 George Mason University
Assitant Professor
Compliance and Compromise: The Jurisprudence of Gender Pay Equity


Jillian Anne Medeiros  2009 Senior Research Associate
Applied Research Center
Health Care for all? Anti-Latino and Anti-Immigrant Attitudes, Health Care Policy, and the Latino Community
Jarrod Nicholas Hayes  2009 Georgia Institute of Technology
Associate Professor
Securitizing the Democratic Peace
Jason S. Enia  2009 Sam Houston State University
Assistant Professor

Shaking the foundations of violent civil conflict: institutions, disasters, and the political economies of state-rebel interaction

David Edward Bridge  2010 Baylor University
Assistant Professor
Dissertation on Congressional policy preferences and outcomes
Jenifer Mari Whitten-Woodring  2010 University of Massachusetts, Lowell
Assistant Professor
The fabled fourth estate: Media freedom, democracy and human rights
Adrian Felix  2010 UC Santa Cruz
Assistant Professor
Transnational (After)life: Migrant Transnationalism & Engagement in U.S. & Mexican Politics
Nukhet Ahu Sandal  2010 Ohio University
Assistant Professor
Religious Actors as Epistemic Communities in Conflict Transformation: The Case of Northern Ireland
Nadejda K. Marinova 2011 Wayne State
Assistant Professor

House of Lebanon: How host states use diasporas---the George W. Bush Administration and the Lebanese-American lobby

Wenyu Li 2011  

Catastrophe or adaptation? Explaining the impacts of resource scarcity and adaptability on political instability

Cintia Veronica Quiliconi 2011 FLASCO
Principal Investigator
Postdoctoral Research
Bilateralism in a globalized world: Trade agreements among North-South partners in the Americas
Zeynep Sahin 2011 Gediz University
Assistant Professor

The political representation of Kurdish, Kemalist, and conservative Muslim women in Turkey (1990--2010)

Christina Marie Gray 2011  

Efficient passions: Care and justice ethics in international human rights advocacy

Hong Pang 2011 Utah Valley University
Assistant Professor
The political economy of implementation: Intellectual property rights protection across the world
Daniel Joseph Tauss 2011 University of Louisville
Former Scholar in Residence

The long waltz: Temporal horizons and strategic decisions in US-China relations

Deniz Cakirer 2012 Harvard University
Center for Middle Eastern Studies
Postdoctoral Fellow

Neo-liberal hegemony and re-construction of Islamic community discourses in Turkey: The cases of the Gulen and Erenkoy communities

Jesse John Mills 2012 El Camino College Compton Center, Instructor of Political Science

Feeling polarized: emotional partisan polarization and its reinforcement through campaign advertising

Rook Campbell 2012 USC Annenberg School of Communication

Fields of Green
Director of Research 
Global Governance of Sport in a Digital Age: The Political Economy of Sport Integrity Regulation 
Jamie William Simcox 2012 KPMG Glasgow UK
Assistant Investment Consultant 
Powellism, Thatcherism and the Post-War Conservative Party, 1945-87: The Party As The Site of Ideological Transition 
Maria Armoudian  2013

University of Auckland 
Assistant Professor

The Politics of Transformation: Mass Media & the Northern Ireland Peace Process
Katherine Chu  2013  CSU Dominguez Hills
Adjunct Professor 
Enjoying Bird-Caged Press Freedom: A Study of Film and Media Industries in China After 1978 and Its Soft Power 
Parker Hevron 2013  Texas Women’s University
Assistant Professor
The Framing of Litigation: Mass Media and the Social Construction of Law
Minna Jia  2013 

Survey Research Laboratory
Florida State University

Political Identity and Political Participation: China's Post -80's Generation 
David Walker 2013

Health Policy Research Consultant

 The Japan-South Korea History Issue: An emotional outcome of met and unmet alignment security expectations.
Deniz Kuru  2013  Turkish-German University 
Assistant Professor
Institutes, Scholars, and Transnational Dynamics: A Disciplinary History of International Relations in Germany and France
Ronald Osborn  2013

Wellesley College
Postdoctoral Fellow

Nihilism''s Conscience: Searching for the Good After Darwin, Marx, and Nietzsche
Ekaterina Svyatets  2013 

University of Southern California 

Power, Profits, and Politics: Energy Cooperation and Conflict in Eurasia
Christina Wagner-Faegri 2013 

ITAM (Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico)
Assistant Professor

Reconstituting the Fiscal Bargain:  The Politics of Taxation in Latin America's Emerging Markets 

Michael Perez 2013 Space Systems Loral
Web Developer

Budget Institutions and the Positive Theory of Fiscal Policy 

Jessica Liao 2013

North Carolina State University
Assistant Professor

Trade and Legalization in East Asia: Government Business Collaboration in Trade Dispute Settlement 

Roozbeh Baker 2014

University of Surrey
Lecturer in Law

Towards an Inter-Disciplinary Approach to the Study of Transnational Relations
Xiangfeng Yang 2014 University of North Georgia Assistant Professor  China and Japan in Global Governance 
Justin Berry 2014 Kalamazoo College
Assistant Professor 
Changing Political Attitudes and Behavior in a Diverse America: Incorporating Individual and Contextual Determinants 
Mariano Bertucci 2014

Tulane University
Postdoctoral Fellow 

Habits and Policy: Explaining Foreign Policy (In)stability in South America 
Chin-Hao Huang 2014

Yale-NUS College
Assistant Professor 

Status, Security, and Socialization:Explaining Change in Chinese Compliance in International Institutions
Fabian Borges-Herrero 2014

CSU San Bernardino
Assistant Professor

Social Policy and Presidential Ideology in Latin America: The Political Economy of Social Spending and Anti-Poverty Programs
Michel Martinez 2015

University of Southern California
Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow

Photography: Power, Politics, Social Justice
Matt Mendez 2015

CSU Channel Islands         Assistant Professor

In/Visible Constituents: The Representation of Undocumented Immigrants by State Legislators
Juvenal Cortes 2015

Occidental College
Postdoctoral Fellow

Power to the Masses: the Rise of Direct Democracy in Latin America
Eric Hamilton 2015

NYU Abu Dhabi               Assistant Professor

International Politics and Domestic Institutional Change: The Rise of Executive War-Making Autonomy in the United States
Seanon Wong 2015

Chinese University of Hong Kong
Assistant Professor

When Passions Run High: Emotions and the Communication of Intentions in Face-to-Face Diplomacy
Peter Knaack 2015

Oxford University
Postdoctoral Fellow

Global Financial Regulatory Reform in the G20 and the Financial Stability Board

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