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Fabian Borges_Herrero
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Education: M.A., Georgetown University (2008); B.A., University of Costa Rica (2005)
Dissertation Title: " Social Policy under Latin America’s New Left: The Political Economy of Social Spending and Anti-Poverty Programs."
Research Interests: Latin American politics, comparative social policy, anti-poverty programs, effects of presidential ideology
Publications: “Rules of Procedure as a Cause of Legislative Paralysis: The Case of Costa Rica, 2002-2010.” Latin American Politics and Society, Forthcoming (Winter 2014); (with Mariano E. Bertucci and Claudia Fuentes-Julio) “Best Practices in Scholar-Practitioner Relations: Insights from the Field of Inter-American Affairs,” International Studies Perspectives 15(1): 54-72, 2014.

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  • Los Angeles, CA 90089