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Jiun Bang

Link to Personal Website:
Education: M.A., Georgetown University (2006); B.A., Ewha Womans University (2005)
Dissertation Title: "When Profit Meets Nationalism: The Commodification of the Nationalist Industrial Complex (NIC) and Bilateral Tensions"
Research Interests: International security, foreign policy and diplomacy, Northeast Asia
Dissertation Chair: David Kang
Dissertation Committee Members: Saori Katada, Patrick James, and Rhacel Parrenas

Tyler Curley

Education: M.A., University of Washington, Tacoma (2008); B.A., University of Washington, Tacoma (2006)
Dissertation Title: "Emergency-War Machine: Democracy, Crisis, and Institutional Development in the United States, 1933-1945"
Research Interests: International security, global crisis governance, American political development, critical political theory
Dissertation Chair: Ann Tickner
Dissertation Committee Members: Jeb Barnes, Anthony Kammas, Andrew Lakoff, and Patrick Thaddeus Jackson (American University)

Eric Hamilton

Education: Ph.D., University of Southern California (2015); M.A., Georgetown University (2006); B.A., Temple University (2004)
Dissertation Title: "International Politics and Domestic Institutional Change: The Rise of Executive War-Making Autonomy in the United States"
Research Interests:IR Theory, Security Studies, US Foreign and National Security Policy
Personal website:
Dissertation Chair: Patrick James and Brian Rathbun
Dissertation Committee Members: Norrin Ripsman

Peter Knaack

Education: M.A., University of Southern California (2012); M.A., San Andres University (2007); M.A., Leipzig University (2003); B.A., Leipzig University (2003)
Dissertation Title: "Global financial regulatory reform in the G20 and the Financial Stability Board"
Research Interests: international political economy of finance, regulatory capture, transgovernmental networks, and the political economy of China and Latin America
Personal website:
Dissertation Chair: Saori Katada
Dissertation Committee Members: Manuel Castells and Joshua Aizenman

Kymberly MacNeal

Phone: (818) 281-8742
Education: M.A., University of Southern California (2015); B.A., Baylor University (2010)
Dissertation Title: " When Bullets Are Not Enough: Determinates of Chemical Weapons Use."
Research Interests: identifying the causes of chemical and biological weapons use as well as the long term effects of those programs
Publications:  “Not So Taboo?” The Chemical Weapons Norm and Syria.” Under Review
Dissertation Chair: Patrick James
Dissertation Committee Members: Robert English and Jane Figuereido

Matthew Mendez

Education: B.A., San Jose State University (2009)
Dissertation Title: "In/Visible Constituents: The Representation of Undocumented Immigrants"
Research Interests: Representation, Latino politics, race and ethnicity, legislative politics, field experiments and social movements
Dissertation Chair: Ange-Marie Hancock
Dissertation Committee Members: Christian R. Grose and Veronica Terriquez

Cyrus Mohammadian

Education: B.A., Indiana University Bloomington (2008)
Dissertation Title: "Assessing the Impact of Refugee Flows on Sectarian Conflict: Evidence from a GIS Analysis of Low-intensity Violence in Lebanon"
Research Interests: Spatial contagion of conflict, Forecasting, and Relationship between Inter and Intra-state conflict
Dissertation Chair: Patrick James
Dissertation Committee Members: Jefferey Sellers and John P. Wilson

Mark Paradis

Phone: (323)-810-0163
Education: M.A. McGill University (2009); B.A., McGill University (2007)
Dissertation Title: " Experimental Assessments of the Detriments of U.S. Public Opinion on Foreign Policy"
Dissertation Chair: Patrick James
Dissertation Committee Members: Brian Rathbun and Antoine Bechara

Seanon Wong

Phone: (213) 740-1695 (US) or +852 9360-1932 (Hong Kong)
Education: M.A., University of Chicago (2004); B.A., University of Chicago (2004)
Dissertation Title: "When Passions Run High: Emotions and the Communication of Intentions in Face-to-face Diplomacy"
Research Interests: International relations theory; diplomacy; political psychology; nationalism, identity and intergroup conflicts; international relations of East Asia (particularly China); qualitative and experimental methods
Publications: Please see personal website
Personal website:
Dissertation Chair: Patrick James
Dissertation Committee Members: David Kang, Brian Rathbun and Peter Carnevale

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