Petitions and Forms 

Type of Request

Required Forms

Qualifying Exams

Appointment of Guidance Committee Form 

Report on taking Qualifying Exams (See Graduate Advisor for this form)

Fellowship Year

Fellowship  Year Progress Form

Directed Research

Directed Research Form signed by supervising faculty

Please attach a course plan/syllabus

794z Enrollments

794z Enrollment Form
Please attach a DCP form.

Students Entering their 6th-8th year

Dissertation Completion Plan (DCP)

Dissertation Proposal Defense

Chair reports Proposal Defense outcome in an email to POIR Director and Graduate Advisor.

Dissertation Defense & Filing

Appointment of Dissertation Committee Form

Leave of Absence

Leave of Absence Petition
Attach a DCP if you are in your 5th year or beyond

International Students must first submit a Leave of Absence form to the Office of International Services. Students who are at the end of their 5th year in the program must also submit a Program Extension form and GeneralPetition.doc.

Course Substitution/Transfer

General POIR Petition

Customized Third Field Approval

General POIR Petition
Attach a list of courses and the supervising Faculty name and signature.

Extension of Time to Complete Degree (ONLY when recommended by POIR Director and/or Faculty Chair)

Extension of Time Request Form
Attach a DCP and letter of support from Faculty Advisor

International Students must submit a Program Extension form to the Office of International Services.

Change of Guidance or Dissertation Committee

Change of Committee Form

Retain a member of the committee who has retired or moved to a different institution.

Request to Retain Member of Committee

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  • 3518 Trousdale Pkwy
  • VKC 327
  • Los Angeles, CA 90089