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We live in an exciting time where the world is closely connected and policies are hotly debated.  The Political Science and International Relations (POIR) PhD program is a community where we engage the aspiring scholars to become inspirational and well-trained academics and professionals who contribute to our understanding of the economic, political and societal dynamics that surround us.  Our goal is to produce scholars, researchers and educators for the challenges of the world of the 21st century.  We emphasize theoretical and methodological training of an outstanding array of graduate students so that they can produce original research in their field of specialization and possess the multidisciplinary knowledge and skills required of the contemporary scholar.

University of Southern California is located in the heart of Los Angeles, where the people, cultures and businesses of the Pacific Rim all meet, and the POIR Program provides an exciting setting for such discipline.  I hope you join us in our exciting journey.

Christian Grose
Director, POIR Program




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