Scholarships Awarded....

Three graduate students in our department have been awarded Idalene B. Merrill scholarships, rewarding “character, general ability, personality and scholarship”. Our congratulations go to Stephen Pinkerton, Ignacio Araya Quezeda and Seyyed Siavash Yasini.

New Center for Frontiers in Material Sciences

The US Department of Energy has funded a new center for Frontiers in Material Sciences, headed by our own Prof. Priya Vashishta, along with Profs. Rajiv Kalia and Aiichiro Nakano. In partnership with labs at Stanford University and UC Berkeley, the team will develop open-source software and carry out experiments on nanomaterials. 

Undergraduate Biophysics Major Revving Up

The USC wide biophysics webpage is now live at This is an important stepping stone in coordinating our efforts in promoting biophysics across our campuses. We are already holding a Keck-Dornsife biophysics seminar each month. Furthermore, we are currently working on promoting our biophysics undergraduate major, with the intent to dramatically increase the number of high quality students in our department.

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