Bachelor of Science in Biophysics

The Bachelor of Science in Biophysics program is intended for students with an interest in the interdisciplinary field of biophysics. The degree program provides the physics and biology background necessary for the field while simultaneously fulfilling medical school entrance requirements. Students interested in this program should begin taking math, chemistry and physics during their freshman year (see sample schedule below). Also notice that the Phys-151,152,153 sequence is an acceptable substitute for Phys-161,162,163.

Degree listings here reflect current requirements. Since actual graduation requirements depend on the specific year which a student enters USC, students should always consult with their faculty advisor to determine course selection. As part of a curriculum revision, Biology courses listed here will be phased in over the next few years. To determine what combination of new and old courses to take, consult your faculty advisor.

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This is a sample program only. Your actual program should be developed in consultation with your faculty advisor.

Sample Program for Bachelor of Science - Biophysics

Year 1
MATH 125 4
CHEM 105aL 4
GE Requirement 4
WRIT 150 4
PHYS 190 1

Total 17
MATH 126 4
CHEM 105bL 4
PHYS 151L 4
GE Requirement  4

Total 16
Year 2
MATH 226 4
PHYS 152L 4
BISC 120L 4
GE Requirement 4

Total 16
MATH 245 4
PHYS 153L 4
BISC 220L 4
CHEM 322aL 4

Total 16
Year 3
MATH 445 4
PHYS 304 4
BISC 320L 4
CHEM 322bL 4

Total 16
PHYS 316 4
GE Requirement 4
BISC 330L 4
Foreign Language 4

Total 16
Year 4
PHYS 408a 4
PHYS 444 4
WRIT 340 4
Foreign Language 4

Total 16
PHYS 438a 4
GE Requirement 4
GE Requirement 4
Foreign Language 4

Total 16
Requirement Listing
Required Lower Division CoursesUnits
PHYS 151L Fundamentals of Physics I 4
PHYS 152L Fundamentals of Physics II 4
PHYS 153L Fundamentals of Physics III 4
PHYS 190 Freshman Colloquium (recommended) (1)
BISC 120L General Biology: Organismal Biology and Evolution 4
BISC 220L General Biology: Cell Biology and Physiology 4
CHEM 105abL/115abL* Advanced General Chemistry 4 + 4
MATH 125 Calculus I 4
MATH 126 Calculus II 4
MATH 226 Calculus III 4
MATH 245 Mathematics of Physics and Engineering I 4
Required Upper Division Courses Units
PHYS 304 Mechanics 4
PHYS 316 Introduction to Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics 4
PHYS 408a Electricity and Magnetism 4
PHYS 438a Introduction to Quantum Mechanics and its Applications 4
BISC 320L Molecular Biology 4
BISC 330L Biochemistry 4
BISC 421 Neurobiology 4
CHEM 322abL Organic Chemistry 4 + 4
MATH 445 Mathematics of Physics and Engineering II 4

Total Units   84

*Chem 105abL may be substituted for the sequence CHEM 115abL

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  • University of Southern California
  • 825 Bloom Walk
  • ACB 439
  • Los Angeles, CA 90089-0484