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Photography and Social Change Minor

This minor explores the potential of photography as an instrument of social change that allows individuals to document their circumstances, share their stories and change their lives. Students have the opportunity to examine the impact of images and the power of storytelling both in the classroom and in the field and study the issues raised by this kind of social exploration and commentary.

Students learn techniques of digital photography and theories of culture to help them understand diverse cultural phenomena and navigate their own cultural biases. In the field, students apply these techniques and theories by developing their own body of work. In addition, students can mentor individuals in the community to use photography and digital media to share their personal narratives, thus empowering community members to reflect critically upon their circumstances and to participate in their visual representation.

This interdisciplinary minor brings together students from schools and majors across the USC campus, allowing them to interact with one another and with scholars, artists and professionals associated with key organizations such as the Institute for Photographic Empowerment and Venice Arts.

Lower Division Requirement (4 units)
Select one course.
ANTH 240gm, Collective Identity and Political Violence: Representing 9/11
FA 210, Introduction to Digital Photography
SOCI 250gm, Grassroots Participation in Global Perspectives

Upper Division Requirement (16 units)
Select two courses in each category below.

Understanding Culture and Change (8 units, 2 courses)
AMST 357m,  Latino Social Movements
COLT 303, Globalization: Culture, Change, Resistance
IR 371, Global Civil Society: Non-Governmental Organization in World Politics
POSC 323, Applied Politics: Civic Engagement and Leadership
REL 366, Religion and Social Change
SOCI 360m, Social Inequality: Class, Status and Power
SOCI 470, Development and Social Change in the Third World

Media and Message (8 units, 2 courses)
ANTH 472, Visual Techniques in Anthropology
COMM 366, Designing Media and Communication Projects for Social Change
COMM 451, Visual Communication and Social Change
FA 310, Digital Photo Studio
JOUR 422, Visual Journalism