Placement Record

The School's recent placement record is shown below, with Ph.D. recipients grouped by the year their degrees were awarded. Only those with current academic positions are listed, with the percentage of each graduating class. Two thirds of Ph.D.s awarded since 1998 are currently in full-time academic employment. (T=tenured, TT=tenure-track, FT=fixed-term, PD=postdoc, PP=permanent position (PP is used for permanent jobs in the UK as there is no tenure system there).




 Name & Specialty

 Year of Degree

 New Position

 Previous Position

 Hrafn Asgeirsson (philosophy of law)  2012  University of Surrey (Law) (PP)  Monash University (PD)
 Eric Encarnacion (law)  2016  Harvard Law School (FT)  
 Hsin-Wen Lee (political philosophy)  2012   University of Delaware (TT)   Tunghai University (FT)
 Ben Lennertz (language)  2014  Western Kentucky (TT)   Davidson College (FT)
 Alida Liberman (ethics, metaethics)  2015  University of Indianapolis (TT)   University of Western Ontario (PD)
 Michael Milona (moral epistemology)  2016  Cornell (PD)  
 Shyam Nair (ethics, logic)  2014  Arizona State University (TT)  Lingnan University of Hong Kong (TT)
 Kenny Pearce (early modern)  2014  Trinity College, Dublin (PP)  Valparaiso University (PD)
 Indrek Reiland (language, mind)  2014  Institut Jean Nicod (FT)  Rice University (FT)
 Aness Webster (law, action)  2016  University of Nottingham (PP)  



2016 Graduates

Name & SpecialtyPlacementCurrent
 Eric Encarnacion (law)  Harvard Law School (FT)  
 Michael Milona (moral epistemology)  Cornell (PD)  
 Aness Webster (law, action)  University of Nottingham (PP)  University of Nottingham (PP)
Placement Rate:

 2015 Graduates

Name & SpecialtyPlacementCurrent
 Justin Dallmann (epist., phil science)  University of Toronto (PD)  University of Toronto (PD)
 Alida Liberman (ethics, metaethics)  University of Western Ontario (PD)  University of Indianapolis (TT)
 Matthew Lutz (metaethics, epist.)  Wuhan University (TT)  Wuhan University (TT)
Placement Rate: 100%


2014 Graduates
Name & SpecialtyPlacementCurrent
 Ben Lennertz (language)  Davidson College (FT)  Western Kentucky (TT)
 Shyam Nair (ethics, logic)  Lingnan University of Hong Kong (TT)  Arizona State University (TT)
 Kenny Pearce (early modern)  Valparaiso University (PD)  Trinity College, Dublin (PP)
 Indrek Reiland (language, mind)  Rice University (FT)  Institut Jean Nicod (FT)
Placement Rate: 80%


2013 Graduates
Name & SpecialtyPlacementCurrent
 Marina Folescu (history of modern)  University of Missouri, Columbia (TT)  University of Missouri, Columbia (TT)
 Justin Snedegar (metaethics)  St. Andrews University (PP)  St. Andrews University (PP)
 Julia Staffel (formal epistemology)  Washington University, St. Louis (TT) and Australian National University (PD) Washington University, St. Louis (TT) 
Placement Rate: 75%


2012 Graduates
Name & SpecialtyPlacementCurrent
 Hrafn Asgeirsson (philosophy of law)  Monash University (PD)  University of Surrey (Law) (PP)
 Brian Bowman (language)  USC (FT)  private industry
 Hsin-Wen Lee (political philosophy)  Tunghai University (FT)  University of Delaware (TT)
 Johannes Schmitt  University of Konstanz (PD)  University of Konstanz (PD)
 Eduardo Villanueva (language)  Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (TT)  Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (T)
Placement Rate: 71%


2011 Graduates
Name & SpecialtyPlacementCurrent
Geoff Georgi (language) USC (FT)  West Virginia (TT) 
Ryan Hay (metaethics)  Occidental College (FT) CSU San Bernadino (adjunct)
Lewis Powell (early modern) Wayne State University (TT) University of Buffalo, SUNY (TT)
Sam Shpall (practical reason) USC (PD) University of Sydney (T)
Robert Shanklin (moral semantics) Santa Clara University (FT) Santa Clara University (FT)
Jonathan Weil (metaphysics) Stanford University High School (FT) Stanford University High School (FT)
Placement Rate: 100%


2010 Graduates
Name & SpecialtyPlacementCurrent
Daniel Kwon (language) CSU Fullerton (adjunct) CSU Fullerton (adjunct)
Placement Rate: 50%


2009 Graduates
Name & SpecialtyPlacementCurrent
Brian Talbot (epistemology) University of Colorado, Boulder (FT) Washington University, St. Louis (FT)
Shlomo Sher (ethics) USC Levan Institute of Humanities and Ethics (Associate) & CSU, Fullerton (FT) CSU, Fullerton
Sherri Zhu (Free Will) Antelope Valley College Antelope Valley College (T)
Placement Rate: 60%


2008 Graduates
Name & SpecialtyPlacementCurrent
Daniel Considine (early modern) Metropolitan State College of Denver (FT) Folsom Lake College (TT)
Maryam Qudrat (political phil) CSU-Long Beach (FT), UC-Irvine Center for Ethics & Morality (Fellow) CSU-Long Beach (FT)
Placement Rate: 50%


2007 Graduates
Name & SpecialtyPlacementCurrent
Amanda Printz (early modern) St. John's College (TT) University of West Georgia (Part-Time)
Albert Chan (applied ethics) St. Ambrose University (TT) St. Ambrose University (TT)
Brian Glenney (cog. sci., early modern) Gordon College (TT) Gordon College (TT)
Esther Kroeker (early modern) Institute of Philosophy, Center for Logic & Analytic Philosophy, Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium (PD) Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Netherlands)
Placement Rate: 50%


2006 Graduates
Placement Rate: 0%, 1 awarded


2005 Graduates
Name & SpecialtyPlacementCurrent
Walter Hopp (epistemology, phenomenology) Boston University (TT) Boston University (T)
Placement Rate: 100%


2004 Graduates
Name & SpecialtyPlacementCurrent
Victoria Rogers (philosophy of science, physics) Indiana University - Purdue University (FT) Indiana University - Purdue University and University of Nevada, Reno
Neil McArthur (early modern) University of Manitoba (TT) University of Manitoba (T)
Placement Rate: 100%


2003 Graduates
Name & SpecialtyPlacementCurrent
Steve Porter Biola University (TT) Biola University (T)
Amy Peikoff (political philosophy, philosophy of law) UNC-Chapel Hill (FT), UT-Austin, U.S. Airforce (TT) Independent Writer
Daniel Yim Biola University (FT) Bethel University (TT)
Placement Rate: 60%


2002 Graduates
Name & SpecialtyPlacementCurrent
Aaron Preston Malone College (TT) Valparaiso University (T)
Placement Rate: 50%


2001 Graduates
No PhDs Awarded


2000 Graduates
Name & SpecialtyPlacementCurrent
Greggory Ten-Elshof Biola University (TT) Biola University (T)
Placement Rate: 100%


1999 Graduates
Name & SpecialtyPlacementCurrent
Simon Cushing (political philosophy) U. of Michigan - Flint (TT) U. of Michigan - Flint (T)
Placement Rate: 100%


1998 Graduates
Name & SpecialtyPlacementCurrent
Donald Wilson (ethics) Kansas State (TT) Kansas State (T)
James Stramel Santa Monica College (TT) Santa Monica College (T)
Placement Rate: 100%


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