Past Events


Spring 2013
1.18-20.13 Linguistics for Metaphysics Conference (Conference Website)
1.25.13 Kristen Primus (Princeton) "Spinoza's Four Causes"
2.16.13 Workshop II, SoCal PhilMath + PhilLogic + FoM (Conference Website)
2.16.13 UCLA-USC Grad Conference (Conference Website)
3.6.13 Seth Lazar (Australian National University) "Risking Killing, Risky Killing, and the Principle of Distinction"
3.15.13 Robyn Carston (UCL) "Word Meaning and Concept Expressed"
3.28.13 James Weatherall (UC, Irvine) "When Physics Met Finance: A Discussion of the Practical Use of Advanced Mathematics"
4.5.13 Paul Reddam (USC Alum) "Undergraduate Workshop: How to Succeed in Business with a Degree in Philosophy"
4.11.13 Martha Nussbaum (Chicago) "The New Religious Intolerance: Overcoming the Politics of Fear"
4.19.13 Andrew Schroeder (Claremont McKenna College) "Normativity in Summary Measures of Population Health"
4.20.13 Workshop III, SoCal PhilMath + Phil Logic + FoM (Conference Website)
5.6.13 Giovanni Valente (Pittsburgh) "Entanglement, Relativistic Causality and Independence between Quantum Field Systems"


Fall 2012
8.31.12 Bryan Roberts (USC) "When do the laws of physics distinguish past and future?"
9.14.12 Daniel Rothschild (Oxford) "On the Dynamics of Conversation"
9.21.12 John Hawthorne (Oxford) "Group Credence"
9.24.12 John Hawthorne (Oxford) "Embedding Epistemic Modals"
10.5.12 James Weatherall (UC Irvine) "Can Newtonian Gravitation Explain Inertial Motion?"
10.6.12 Workshop I, SoCal PhilMath + PhilLogic + FoM (Conference Website)
10.12.12 Roger White (MIT) "Disrespecting the Evidence"
10.19.12 Alejandro Carballo (USC) "New Boundary Lines"
10.26.12 Jonathan Quong (University of Manchester) "Proportionality in Defensive Harm"
11.2.12 Anthony Gillies (Rutgers) "Deontic Expectation Modals"
11.9.12 Berit Brogaard (University of Toronto) "Perceptual Content and Phenomenal Seemings"


Spring 2012
1.11.12 Daniel Greco (MIT) "The Impossibility of Skepticism"
1.12.12 Agustin Rayo (MIT) "The Construction of Logical Space"
1.13.12 David Albert (Columbia) "The Sense of Passing"
1.18.12 Miriam Schoenfield (MIT) "Permission to Believe"
1.27.12 Andrew Bacon (Oxford) "What a revenge free solution to the Liar can and can't look like."
2.3.12 Jane Friedman (Oxford) "Question-Directed States of Mind"
3.9.12 Tyler Burge (UCLA) "Psychological Content and Ego-Centric Indexes"
3.30.12 Matthew Chrisman (Edinburgh)
3.26.12 - 4.11.12 Reading Group on Michael Ridge's Manuscript: 3.26 @ 10am (Ch.1-2), 3.30 @ 10am (Ch.3), 4.2 @ 10am (Ch.7,9), 4.9 @ 10am (Ch.10), 4.11 @ 10am (Ch.5,8).
4.17.12 Tim Williamson (Oxford)


Fall 2011
9.23.11 Allen Buchanan (Duke) "The Ethical Pluralist Challenge to Human Rights" (CANCELLED)
9.23.11 Graciela de Pierris (Stanford) "Hume on Space and Geometry"
10.28.11 Gideon Yaffe (USC) Mini-Conference on Gideon's (2010) book Attempts
11.18.11 Pamela Hieronymi (UCLA) Mini-Conference on Gideon's (2010) book Attempts
12.13.11 Scott Sturgeon (Oxford) "Visual Reasons"
Law & Philosophy Workshop Speakers:
10.3.11 David Estlund (Brown)
10.17.11 Margaret Moore (Queens)
10.31.11 Samuel Freeman (Penn)
11.14.11 David Schmidtz (Arizona)
11.28.11 Peter Vallentyne (Missouri-Columbia)


Spring 2011
1.28.11 Daniel Nolan (Nottingham) "The Extent of Metaphysical Necessity "
2.2.11 Karen Lewis (Rutgers) "Dynamic Semantics and the Semantics/Pragmatics Distinction"
2.4.11 John Horty (Maryland) "Default Logic as a Theory of Reasons"
2.11.11 Karen Bennett (Cornell) "Building and Causing"
2.2.11 Karen Lewis (Rutgers) "Dynamic Semantics and the Semantics/Pragmatics Distinction"
2.25.11 Katrina Elliot (UNC-Chapel Hill) "Mereological Supervenience and Synchronic Chance"
2.26.11 2011 UCLA/USC Graduate Philosophy Conference (UCLA)
4.8.11 Carl Posy (Hebrew University) "On the Finite: Kant and the Paradoxes of Knowledge"


Fall 2010
9.17.10 Caspar Hare (MIT) "Procreation and Rescue"
10.29.10 Workshop on Authority (Center for Law & Philosophy)
11.2.10 Brian Bowman (USC) "Linguistic Competence and the Rationality of Speech Acts"
11.9.10 Saul Smilansky (Haifa) "A Hostage Situation"
11.12.10 Stewart Cohen (Arizona) "Bootstrapping and Defeasible Reasons"
11.16.10 Sam Shpall (USC) "Moral and Rational Commitment"
11.19.10 Alexis Burgess (Stanford) "An Alethic Account of Referential Success"
12.3.10 Robert Shanklin (USC) "Five Things it is Good to Know about 'Good'"
12.7.10 Hsin-Wen Lee (USC) "National Communities and the Right to Self-Government"
12.17.10 Gabriel Uzquiano (Oxford) "Plural Quantification and Modality"


Spring 2010
1.8.10 Carrie Jenkins (University of Nottingham)
1.15.10 Maya Eddon (U. Mass - Amherst) "Intrinsicality & Hyperintensionality"
2.12.10 Adina Roskies (Dartmouth College) "Neurons, mechanism, and freedom of the will"
2.26.10 Shieva Kleinschmidt (New York University) "Mereology & Location"
3.12.10 Thomas Christiano (University of Arizona) "An Instrumental Argument for a Human Right to Democracy"
3.24.10 Stephen Finlay (USC) "Metaethical Contextualism Defended"
3.26.10 David Enoch (Hebrew University) "Being Responsible, Taking Responsibility, and Penumbral Agency"
4.9.10 Gunnar Björnsson (Linköpings Universitet) "The Explanatory Component of Moral Responsibility"
4.16.10 Geoff Georgi (USC)
4.23.10 Lewis Powell (USC) "What David Hume Should, Can, and Does Say about Denial"


Fall 2009
8.28.09 Gillian Russell (Washington University-St. Louis) "Could Knows that be Inconsistent?"
9.25.09 Kathrin Koslicki (University of Colorado-Boulder) “Dependence and Explanation ”
10.23.09 Imogen Dickie (University of Toronto) "How Proper Names Refer"
11.6.09 Dana Nelkin (UC-San Diego) "Moral Responsibility and the Ought Implies Can Principle"
11.13.09 Robin Jeshion (UC-Riverside) "Thinking of Things"
11.20.09 Alexis Burgess (Stanford University) "The Other Problem of Negative Existentials"
12.4.09 Jenann Ismael (University of Arizona) "Freedom, Natural Law, and the Humanization of Physics"
Law & Philosophy Workshop Speakers:
8.31.09 Timothy Endicott (Oxford)
9.21.09 John Perry (Oxford)
10.5.09 Stephen Neale (Stanford)
10.19.09 Gideon Rosen (Princeton)
11.2.09 Richard Holton (MIT)
11.16.09 Connie Rosati (University of Arizona)
11.30.09 Nicos Stavropoulos (Oxford)


10.3.08 Timothy Williamson (Oxford) “Objects, Properties and Contingent Existence”
10.3.08 Timothy Williamson (Oxford) “Knowledge, Chance and Safety”
2.21.09 2009 UCLA/USC Graduate Student Conference (UCLA)


Spring 2008
1.11.08 Michael Titelbaum (UC Berkeley) "Unlearning What You have Learned"
1.18.08 Martin Stone (Duke) "Anscombe on the Expression of Intention"
1.25.08 Jonathan Weisbert (University of Toronto)
1.28.08 Kenny Easwaran (UC Berkeley) "Probablistic Proofs and Transferability"
2.1.08 Robert Brandom (University of Pittsburgh) "Towards an Analytic Pragmatism"
2.15.08 John Broome (Oxford) "Requirements"
4.4.08 Michael Friedman (Stanford) "Carnap and Quine: Twentieth Century Echoes of Kant and Hume"


Fall 2007
9.28.07 Christopher Hitchcock (California Institute of Technology) "Norms, Counterfactuals, and Casual Attribution"
10.12.07 Branden Fitelson (UC Berkeley) "Epistemological Critiques of 'Classical' Logic: Two Case Studies"
10.19.07 Kendall Walton (University of Michigan) "Poets, Personae, and Speechwriters"
11.9.07 Sheldon Smith (UCLA) "Kant's Balance Argument and The Dynamical Conception of Force"
11.16.07 Jessica Moss (University of Pittsburgh) "Aristotle's non-trivial, non-insane view that everyone always desires things under the guise of the good"
11.30.07 Margaret Gilbert (UC Irvine) "Three Dogmas about Promises"


11.03.2006 Adam Elga (Princeton) "Lucky to be Rational, Lucky to be Wise"
11.17.2006 Cian Dorr (University of Pittsburgh)
01.19.2007 Michael Bratman (Stanford)
02.16.2007 Niko Kolodny ( UC Berkeley)
04.27.2007 Kit Fine (NYU)


Spring 2006
01.13.2006 Jacob Ross (Rutgers) "Rejecting Skeptical Hypotheses"
01.23.2006 Luke Robinson (UCSD) "Conflicts of Obligation: A Dispositionalist Account"
02.03.2006 Candace Vogler (University of Chicago) "Modern Moral Philosophy Again: Isolating the Promulgation Problem"
01.30.2006 John Hawthorne (Rutgers) "Gunk and Continuous Variation"
02.06.2006 John Hawthorne (Rutgers) "Lewis and the Metaphysics of Quantity"
02.08.2006 John Hawthorne (Rutgers) "Regressions in Pragmatics"
02.17.2006 Alastair Norcross (Rice University) "The Scalar Approach to Utilitarianism"
03.31.2006 David Manley (USC) "Safety, Content, A Priority"


Fall 2005
10.07.2005 Jamie Dreier (Brown) "Negation for Expressivists"
10.31.2005 Justin D'Arms (Ohio State) "Anthropocentric Constraints on Human Value"
11.11.2005 Michael Martin (University College / UC Berkeley) "Passions Restrained in their Partial and Contradictory Motions: Hume on the Origin of Justice"
11.18.2005 Mark Schroeder (University of Maryland) "Teleology, Agent-Relative Value, and 'Good'"
12.02.2005 Kent Bach (San Francisco State) "Regressions in Pragmatics"


Spring 2005
01.12.2005 Alex Byrne (MIT) "Transparency and Self-Knowledge"
01.14.2005 Hans Halvorson (Princeton) "No reductive physicalism, no measurement problem"
01.28.2005 Bradford Skow (New York University) "Are Shapes Intrinsic?"
02.04.2005 Jeff Speaks (McGill University) "Explaining the Disquotational Principle"
02.11.2005 Steven Daskal (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor) "Innocent Mistakes"
04.18.2005 David Manley (Rutgers) "Linking Dispositions with Conditionals"


Fall 2004
09.10.2004 Ted Sider (Rutgers) "Parthood"
10.08.2004 Charles Raff (Swarthmore College) "Some Proofs of an External World"
10.29.2004 John Burgess (Princeton) "Being Explained Away"
11.05.2004 Jeff McMahan (Rutgers) "Paradoxes of Abortion and Pre-Natal Injury"
11.19.2004 James Pryor (Princeton) "Acquaintance and Evidence"
12.03.2004 Gideon Rosen (Princeton) "Skepticism about Moral Responsibility"

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