Message from the Director

The Physical Education program at USC provides a variety of opportunities for students to improve their general health and fitness through fitness related and recreational activities classes. Courses are designed to introduce students to various aspects of health and physical education principles. With this exposure, knowledge, and skill, students are better equipped to make choices regarding a healthy and active lifestyle.

Fitness and exercise classes focus primarily on the development of muscle strength, muscle endurance, flexibility, general wellness principles, and nutritional guidelines. Activities classes stress fundamental technique, tactics, rules and etiquette. All classes stress the importance of exercise and leisure time activity to physical, mental and social well being.

Our program is comprised of experienced, dedicated instructors who have a strong background and expertise in their particular field. Classes are conducted in excellent facilities that are conducive to learning and training.

Studies have repeatedly shown the significance of exercise and regular physical activity as it relates to health benefits and risk factors. Our instructors and staff are committed to providing students with the education and worthwhile experience necessary to maintain a healthy way of life.