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Peter Knaack

Peter Knaack

Peter was born in Leipzig, in the former German Democratic Republic. He holds three Masters' degrees, in Economics (USC), International Relations (FLACSO, Argentina), and Communications (Leipzig U, Germany). After completing his coursework at USC, Peter spent a year in Beijing, taking intensive Chinese language classes at Tsinghua University's Inter-University Program and studying the Chinese political economy of finance at Peking University with the support of a CSC China government scholarship. Peter's research interests include the international political economy of finance, regulatory capture, transgovernmental networks, and the political economy of China and Latin America. His dissertation analyzes the politics of global financial regulatory reform in the G20 and the Financial Stability Board. He has co-authored (with USC Professor Saori Katada) a paper, titled "Fault Lines and Issue Linkages at the G20: New Challenges for Global Economic Governance" (Global Policy Journal  2013). A recent paper on "Innovation and Deadlock in Global Financial Governance"  is forthcoming in the Review of International Political Economy.

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