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Minor in Iranian Studies

USC and Farhang Foundation's Iranian Studies Initiative offered "Minor in Iranian Studies" in Fall 2013. Courses on medieval and modern Iranian history and Persian literature and culture in translation were offered, in addition to the existing courses on Persian language and ancient Iranian languages. Please check the offered courses for Fall 2014 at our catalogue.

Four courses (16 units) are required for earning the minor degree in Iranian Studies if a student has already passed the following Lower Division courses or has tested out through proficiency/placement exam at the USC's Language Center.


Pre-requisite Language Courses, Lower Division

MDES 120            Persian-I, 4 Units

MDES 150            Persian-II, 4 Units

MDES 220            Persian-III, 4 Units

MDES 250            Persian-IV, 4 Units

Persian-I through Persian-III can be waived by placement examination. Students placed beyond Persian-III can sit for Persian-IV proficiency examination. If passed, they are able to register for Advance Persian-I (MDES 320).


Minor Degree Required Courses, Upper Division

Four courses—16 units from among the following

MDES 320            Advanced Persian-I, 4 Units (offered in fall 2014)
MDES 350            Advanced Persian-II, 4 Units (will be offered in Spring 2015)
MDES 349g          Ancient Empires, 4 Units
MDES 312            Iran in the Middle Ages, 4 Units
MDES 313            Modern Iran, 4 Units

MDES 324            Classical Persian Literature, 4 Units

MDES 325            Modern Persian Literature, 4 Units

MDES 461            Topics in Ancient Iranian Languages and Cultures, 4 Units


One of these four courses may alternatively be chosen from the following list of existing upper-division courses that cover material relevant to Iran or which situate an aspect of Iran in a broader context.

ANTH 335            Comparative Muslim Societies

CLAS 360             Classical Arabic Literature in Translation [covers period 500-1500]

HIST 324g            Islam in Russia and the Soviet Union

HIST 382              The Middle East 500-1500 - MDES 180g

POSC 351             Middle East Politics

REL 315                Thought and Life of Islam

REL 316                Women and the Islamic Tradition

REL 414                History of Islamic Law

* Links are for Fall 2014 course catalogue.

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