PERE Projects

PERE conducts research and facilitates discussions on issues of environmental justice, regional inclusion, immigrant integration, and their accompanying social movements. PERE’s work is rooted in the new three R’s: rigor, relevance, and reach.  We conduct high-quality research in our focus areas that is relevant to public policy concerns and that reaches to those directly affected communities that most need to be engaged in the discussion.  In general, we seek and support direct collaborations with community-based organizations in research and other activities, trying to forge a new model of how university and community can work together for the common good.

PERE project areas are in: Environmental Justice, Regional Equity, Social Movements and Rapid Response .

Also, learn more about our work on immigrant integration at the USC Dornsife *Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration website.

*As of late August 2014, please note the new address of the CSII website and update your bookmarks and links accordingly.

Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration

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