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Just Growth: Inclusion and Prosperity in America’s Metropolitan Regions

Chris Benner
Associate Professor, Community and Regional Development
University of California, Davis

Manuel Pastor Jr.
Professor, American Studies & Ethnicity and
Director, Program for Environmental and Regional Equity
University of Southern California

Combining statistical analysis of the largest metropolitan regions in the U.S. with a set of seven in-depth case studies, the authors point to the processes, policies and institutional arrangements that help explain more equitable growth (or its absence) in metropolitan settings. These include the stabilizing effect of the public sector, the positive impact of deconcentrating poverty, the influential role of a minority middle class, and the importance of leadership efforts to develop a shared vision amongst diverse constituencies.

Breaking new ground in its innovative blend of quantitative and qualitative methods, the book argues that another sort of growth is possible. Offering specific insights for regional leaders and analysts of metropolitan areas, the authors also draw a broader – and quite timely – set of conclusions about how to scale up these efforts to address a U.S. economy still seeking to recover from economic crisis and distributional divisions.

Read an excerpt from Just Growth’s introduction here.

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Paperback copies of Just Growth can be purchased for $25 at Routledge and, or even as a Kindle edition for only $9.99. 

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