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A Roadmap to Green Manufacturing in Los Angeles: Policies, Planning, and Partnerships for Quality Jobs

By the USC Program for Environmental and Regional Equity, UCLA Department of Urban Planning, Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy and Green for All

January 2012

What are the key ingredients in building a thriving, green manufacturing supply chain in the Los Angeles region? In “Towards a Roadmap to Green Manufacturing in Los Angeles: A Preliminary Assessment,” we envision what it would take to transform Los Angeles into a manufacturing hub of suppliers for a new generation of transit and alternative fuel vehicles. Using a mixed methods approach that combines field survey data with a quantitative analysis of firm and employee characteristics, the report offers a typology of manufacturing suppliers and three key findings:

  1. There is not a well-organized, transportation-related supply chain in Los Angeles.
  2. Large-scale, sustained demand is needed in order to grow and better organize such a supply chain.
  3. The greatest potential for a regional manufacturing strategy lies in targeting larger, well-established firms (primarily in aerospace and electronics industries) who remain competitive by serving niche product markets.
“Towards a Roadmap” offers a preliminary framework for defining a roadmap for the region that points towards demand-side drivers (policy and procurement interventions) and other industry / supply chain strategies, including financing, intellectual property, land use, workforce development, technical standardization, and new forms of organization. Although green manufacturing jobs are not a silver bullet, a retooled, transit-related manufacturing base should and could be part of an equation towards greater equity, climate justice, and economic growth in Los Angeles.

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