Counting on Change

The Census 2010 project, carried out on behalf of The California Endowment, was an initiative to ensure that proper implementation measures are followed in conducting population counts so that states receive the accurate federal funding based on their demographics. Studies have shown that historically the Census leaves out higher percentages of low-income, people of color, homeless, less-educated, and immigrant populations. The California Endowment invested $4 million towards organizing hard-to-count constituencies around the 2010 Census through their Funding Census Strategy. This strategy contributed to a funding partnership being led by Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees that brought together many funders in the state to work together on trying to reach hard-to-count populations. The Funding Census Strategy has immediate consequences in that it made sure that people got counted, but it may also have longer-term consequences related to building multi-issue alliances for changing California.

Beyond the Count: Leveraging the 2010 Census to Build New Capacities for Civic Engagement and Social Change

By Jennifer Ito, Barbara Masters, Rhonda Ortiz and Manuel Pastor 
Funded by The California Endowment
December 2011

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