The Color of Change: Inter-ethnic Organizing and Leadership for the 21st Century

This project was designed to help the Gates Foundation catalog and understand best practices in interethnic leadership development programs. The project has three basic elements: (1) highlighting the changing demography of the country and why (and where) this calls for interethnic coalitions; (2) explaining how such coalitions and community efforts help move policy and programs in directions that help less advantaged populations; and (3) determining the elements of leadership development and other programs that allow for honest and productive conversations and collaborations across racial and ethnic difference. While we cast our net broadly, we are particularly interested in programs aimed at young people and young adults, partly to intersect with Gates’ efforts in postsecondary education (especially community colleges). We specifically aim to highlight best practices and high-quality organizations, suggest the challenges they face in expanding their efforts and scaling up, and then help to sketch out what it would take to create a broader national alliance of such leadership programs including ways to bring together collaborations between the private and public sectors. The ultimate goal of this project is a sustainable infrastructure that would facilitate learning between such organizations and thus help all the groups move toward best practices and best outcomes.


The Color of Change: Inter-Ethnic Youth Leadership for the 21st Century

By Manuel Pastor, Rhonda Ortiz, Jennifer Ito, Veronica Terriquez, Vanessa Carter, Jennifer Tran, and Teresa Cheng

November 2010

  • Program for Environmental and Regional Equity (PERE)
  • 950 W. Jefferson Blvd., JEF 102
  • Los Angeles, CA 90089-1291