Socioeconomic characteristics of residents near the I-710 Corridor

This memo was prepared for Communities for a Better Environment (CBE) at their request of socioeconomic characteristics of residents living near the I-710 Corridor. At the time, CBE was advocating for a more sustainable community plan for the I-710 expansion project.  We found that residents living with various distance bands of the I-710 Corridor (within 500ft, 1,000ft, and 2,000ft, respectively) are far more likely to residents of color (that is, not non-Hispanic white) when compared the general population of Los Angeles County, California, or the U.S. This memo also found higher poverty rates, lower per capita income, and (to a lesser extent) greater lack of access to vehicles for workers ages 16 and older who reside within the aforementioned distance bands of the I-710 Corridor.  This analysis helped CBE advocate for less traffic and air pollution in Southeast Los Angeles communities surrounding the interstate.

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