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California Dreaming

In an Op-Ed for the Huffington Post, PERE director Manuel Pastor writes about the political opportunities for California Republicans in supporting the Dream Act. A November 2010 LATimes/USC College poll found that The Dream Act has widespread support amongst Californians. Latinos are the most enthusiastic -- but white voters are 75 percent in favor and even 68 percent of Republicans support such an approach, with nearly half of those interviewed strongly supportive. Over one fourth of the young people likely to meet national Dream Act requirements are Californians -- and they include valedictorians, heads of student government, and others whose skills are needed by a state working to regain its economic footing. Support from California Republicans would therefore reflect a statewide mandate -- and help more than half a million young Californians realize their dreams and contribute more effectively to the state's future. 

Read the blog post:

California Dreaming
By Manuel Pastor
Huffington Post Blog
December 3, 2010

Photo by Kris Price / SEIU

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