Bridging Progressive Research, Policy and Organizing

The goal of this project is to continue strengthening ties with USC faculty and students, develop a data center operation that can provide policy-relevant data and analysis to community groups and other policy centers, and charting the contemporary evolution of social movement organizations. We have been able to use our data capabilities in longer-term projects, such as an effort documenting metropolitan areas in the U.S. where economic growth and social equity are coming together. As part of this initiative, we created a Social Justice Research Fellowship program at the professional and graduate student level to forge a movement-friendly and policy-relevant direction at USC. We all created a Visiting Action Researcher position that is available to movement activists and helps lift up the presence of that voice and this work within the academic community.



New Organizing For a New America: How to make electoral organizing count for long-term base building

Thursday, November 15, 2012

12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

USC Friends of the Library, Doheny 240

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On the Road to Justice: Building Movements through Organizing Atlantic Philanthropies, Los Angeles Site Visit (July 14-16, 2009)

Event organized by PERE and the Liberty Hill Foundation in order to bring staff from the Atlantic Philanthropies to Los Angeles to expose them to organizing work and its importance in moving a social justice agenda, in order to inform Atlantic’s framework for social justice funding. 

Goals of the trip were to have  Atlantic understand:

  1. How organizing fits into broader movements and movement building and how this works to push specific policy wins within a broad ecosystem of change,
  2. How funding the organizing work of movement building groups fits into the world of philanthropy, and
  3. What a social justice and social movement funding framework specifically means with respect to grant making within Atlantic Philanthropies.



Moments, Movements, and Momentum: Engaging Voters, Scaling Power, Making Change

By Manuel Pastor, Gihan Perera, and Madeline Wander

March 2013

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Landscape and Context for Selecting States and Regions

Presented to: Atlantic Philanthropies
Prepared by Manuel Pastor, Rhonda Ortiz, and Rachel Rosner

November 13, 2009

Research supported by:

  • Program for Environmental and Regional Equity (PERE)
  • 950 W. Jefferson Blvd., JEF 102
  • Los Angeles, CA 90089-1291