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Online Recommendation Document

Letters of recommendation for USC Dornsife Continuing Student Scholarships have been replaced with Online Recommendation Documents. The Online Recommendation Document assists in streamlining the process of requesting, writing, and evaluating scholarship recommendations for students, professors, and the scholarship committees.

To complete the scholarship recommendation process, you must:

  • Make an appointment to meet with the professor who will be recommending you for a USC Dornsife Continuing Student Scholarship. The professor must be a USC Dornsife faculty member. Teaching Assistants (TAs) and academic advisors are not acceptable sources for recommendations. The professor must be a USC Dornsife faculty member and not from another USC school (e.g. Marshall, Viterbi, Annenberg, etc.). The meeting does not have to be long or formal – a brief chat with the professor during his or her office hours is fine. Discuss the classes or activities that you have participated in with the professor and share your future academic and career plans. You may want to bring a copy of your resume so that the professor knows more about your extracurricular involvement. Be sure to tell the professor that you are applying for a USC Dornsife Continuing Student Scholarship, and that he or she should expect to receive an email containing a link to the Online Recommendation Document from USC Dornsife Admission. This meeting must be in person. Under no circumstances (except study abroad) will an email or phone call be accepted as a substitute for an in-person meeting.
  • Send an email to USC Dornsife Admission ( with the subject line “FACULTYREC” containing your name and student ID number, the professor’s name and department, and the professor’s email address in the following format: 


             Tommy Trojan


             Professor John Doe




After emailing this information, you should receive a response from USC Dornsife Admission within one business day. USC Dornsife Admission will also email your professor a link to the Online Recommendation Document so that he or she can complete it on your behalf. If your professor would prefer to write a letter of recommendation rather than complete the Online Recommendation Document, we will send the professor instructions on how to send the letter to us.

If you have any questions, please contact USC Dornsife Admission at (213) 740-5930 or