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B.A. in NGOs and Social Change

UN photos by John Issac and Yutaka Nagata.

This interdisciplinary program focuses on the roots of social conflict, on theories and methods for understanding them, and on the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and nonprofits that address them. To remedy social problems, we need to examine their economic, political, and social roots, as well as the varied forms of organizations that aim to fix them. Students will engage in various methods of analysis, from investigations of everyday interactions to explorations of larger economic, political, and social structures. In classrooms and internships, students will learn how people in NGOs and nonprofits promote new forms of citizenship and governance, aiming to protect the environment and to lessen the suffering of people around the world.

The major requires nine courses (36 units) chosen from the specific lists of requirements below.  As with all interdisciplinary majors, students may double-count no more than three courses from this degree to satisfy any other major.

Lower Division Requirement
Choose one course (4 units)  from the following list.

AMST 100g/GEOG 100g, Los Angeles and the American Dream
AMST 252g, Black Social Movements in the U.S.
COMM 201, Rhetoric and the Public Sphere
ECON 238xg, Political Economy and Social Issues
ENST 150xg, Environmental Issues in Society
ENST 255/GEOG 255g, American Environmentalism
ENST 270/POSC 270, Introduction to Environmental Law and Policy
GEOL 108Lg, Crises of a Planet
IR 101xg, International Relations
IR 210, International Relations:  Introductory Analysis
PHIL 141g, The Professions and the Public Interest in American Life
POSC 248g, International Human Rights
POSC 255g, Cultures, Civilizations, and Ethnicities in World Politics
POSC 265g, Environmental Challenges
SOCI 150g, Social Problems
SOCI 200, Introduction to Sociology
SOCI 225g, Sociology of Health and the Body
SOCI 255g, Sociology of Globalization
SWMS 210g, Social Issues in Gender
SWMS 215g, Gender Conflict in Cultural Contexts


Core Methods
Choose one course (4 units) from the following two.

SOCI 313, Sociological Research Methods
SOCI 314, Analyzing Social Statistics


Core Theory
Choose one course (4 units) from the following three.

PHIL 337, History of Modern Political Philosophy
PHIL 437, Social and Political Philosophy
POSC 380, Political Theories and Social Reform
SOCI 370, Sociological Theory


Perspectives on NGOs
Choose one course (4 units) from the following two.

IR 371, Global Civil Society: Non-State Actors in World Politics
SOCI 250, Grassroots Participation in Global Perspective
SOCI 408, Volunteers, NGOs, and Everyday Politics


Analyzing and Identifying Roots of Social Conflict
Choose two courses (8 units).

ANTH 355, Urban Anthropology
ANTH 316gm, North American Indians in American Public Life
ANTH 357, Culture of Genocide
ANTH 371m, Cross-Cultural Research on Urban Gangs
ANTH 380, Sex and Gender in Anthropological Perspective
BISC 427/GEOL 427/ENST 427, The Global Environment
ECON 340, Economics of Less Developed Countries (pre-req:  ECON 203 or 205)
ECON 344, Economic Development of Sub-Saharan Africa (pre-req:  203 or 205)
ECON 350, The World Economy (pre-req:  ECON 203 or 205)
GERO 340, Policy, Values and Power in an Aging Society
GERO 438, Global Health and Aging
HIST 323, The Holocaust in 20th Century Europe
HIST 372, Modern Latin America
IR 308, Globalization: Issues and Controversies
IR 315, Ethnicity and Nationalism in World Politics
IR 323/ENST 323, Politics of the Global Environment
IR 324, Multinational Enterprises and World Politics
IR 325, Rich and Poor States in the World Political Economy
IR 344, Developing Countries in World Politics
IR 349, International Law and Politics
IR 364, Political Economy of Latin American Development
IR 367, Africa in International Affairs
PHIL 340, Ethics
POSC 320, Urban Politics
POSC 321, Urban Political Problems
POSC 345, International Law
POSC 347, Environmental Law
POSC 350, Politics of Latin America
POSC 363, Cities and Regions in World Politics
POSC 381, Sex, Power, and Politics
POSC 436, Environmental Politics          
SOCI 362, Global and Transnational Sociology
SOCI 402, Human Trafficking
SOCI 429, Immigration, Work, and Labor
SOCI 430m, Work and the Workplace
SOCI 432m, Racial and Ethnic Relations in a Global Society
SOCI 460, Key Issues in Contemporary International Migration
SOCI 464, Sociology of Gender and Work


Addressing Social Conflict and Organizing Advocacy
Choose two courses (8 units).

AMST 357m, Latino Social Movements
BAEP 491, Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship
BUCO 485, Business Communication Management for Non-Profits
COMM 322, Argumentation and Advocacy
COMM 366, Designing Media and Communication Projects for Social Change
COMM 402, Public Communication Campaigns
COMM 412, Communication and Social Movements
COMM 413, Propaganda, Ideology and Public Controversy
COMM 487, Communication and Global Organizations
GERO 350, Administrative Problems in Aging
GERO 451, Policy and Program Development in Aging
IR 306, International Organizations
IR 318, Conflict Resolution and Peace Research
IR 327, The Impact of Remittances on Development in Mexico
JS 360m, Identity, Community, and Service: Jews and Other Americans
POSC 323, Applied Politics: Civic Engagement and Leadership
PPD 318, Financial Accounting in Public and Non-Profit Organizations
PPD 353, Philanthropy and Grant-Writing
SOCI 340, Organizations, Bureaucracy, and Alternatives to Bureaucracy
SOCI 445, Political Sociology (pre-req:  SOCI 370)
SOCI 425, Crowds, Publics, and Social Movements
SOWK 350, Adolescent Gang Intervention
THTR 488m, Theatre in the Community


Internship Experience
One course (4 units) required.

SOCI 450, NGO/Non-profit Field Studies Practicum


For further information or advisement, contact the Sociology department at (213) 740-3533 or read an article about the major.