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William G. Spitzer was the first person in USC’s history to serve at every level of academic administration.

In Memoriam: William G. Spitzer, 82

April 19, 2010

William G. Spitzer, 82, former dean of USC College and professor emeritus of electrical engineering, materials science and physics at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering, died April 14 in Oceanside, Calif., after suffering a…

University Professor Emeritus Stephen Toulmin, a renowned ethical philosopher in USC College, called for scholars to "come out of their self-imposed isolation and reenter the collective world of practical life and shared human problems." Photo courtesy of Donna Toulmin.

In Memoriam: Stephen E. Toulmin, 87

December 8, 2009

Stephen Edelston Toulmin, University Professor Emeritus and one of the most influential ethical philosophers of the latter half of the 20th century, has died. He was 87. Toulmin, the Henry R. Luce Professor for the Center for…

A professor of kinesiology in USC College, Herbert de Vries' research focused on the effects of exercise on the elderly. At USC, de Vries was a preceptor at the Ethel Percy Andrus Gerontology Center and a laboratory chief at the center’s Physiology of Exercise Laboratory. Photo courtesy of Ana de Vries.

In Memoriam: Herbert A. de Vries, 91

October 9, 2009

Herbert A. de Vries emeritus professor of kinesiology in USC College, known as the father of exercise and aging, has died. He was 91. De Vries died Oct. 1, eight days before his 92nd birthday, in his Laguna Beach home. He…

Arnold Heidsieck, professor of philosophy in USC College, wrote a seminal book about writer Franz Kafka, <em>The Intellectual Contexts of Kafka's Fictions: Philosophy, Law and Religion</em> (Camden House, 1994).  Photo courtesy of Vera Wheeler.

In Memoriam: Arnold Heidsieck, 72

September 25, 2009

Arnold Heidsieck, professor of philosophy in USC College, preeminent scholar in German and European intellectual history and literature, particularly Jewish Prague-born 20th-century writer Franz Kafka, has died. He was…

Henry Clark explores Mendocino, Calif. The professor emeritus of religion in USC College was a lover of the great outdoors. Clark died the night of July 23. Photo courtesy of the Clark family.

In Memoriam: Henry B. Clark II, 78

August 12, 2009

Henry B. Clark II, professor emeritus of religion in USC College and champion of social justice, has died. He was 78.  Clark had spent two weeks in July at a lakeside cabin in Vermont with his children and grandchildren.…

In Memoriam: George O. Totten III, 86

In Memoriam: George O. Totten III, 86

March 4, 2009

George Oakley Totten III, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Political Science in USC College, whose life’s research promoted peace in the Pacific Rim and worldwide, has died. He was 86. Oakley died of heart failure…

In Memoriam: Robert Bau

In Memoriam: Robert Bau

January 1, 2009

Robert Bau, an esteemed faculty member of USC College's chemistry department for nearly 40 years, passed away on Dec. 28, 2008. He was a distinguished researcher in the field of x-ray and neutron diffraction…

In Memoriam: C. Sylvester Whitaker

In Memoriam: C. Sylvester Whitaker

December 1, 2008

C. Sylvester Whitaker Jr., professor emeritus of political science and former dean of social sciences in USC College, has passed away. He was 73. He died in Waterville, Maine, on Nov. 29 following a struggle with…

In Memoriam: James C. Warf

In Memoriam: James C. Warf

November 1, 2008

James C. Warf, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Nuclear Chemistry, considered a “citizen scientist” because of his work toward world peace, has died. He was 91. Warf, who joined USC College in 1948 and retired…

In Memoriam: Kazumi Maki, 72

In Memoriam: Kazumi Maki, 72

September 1, 2008

Kazumi Maki, world-renowned physicist in the field of superconductivity, has died. He was 72. Maki was among an elite group of Japanese physicists who during the 20th century fostered the development of physics as a science.…