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Ocean News

USC College's Katrina J. Edwards has been recommended for an award of a $25 million National Science Foundation grant to establish a new science and technology center. Photo credit Philip Channing.

USC Awarded $25 Million NSF Grant for New Center to Study the Deep Biosphere

February 19, 2010

Katrina J. Edwards, professor of biological sciences and Earth sciences in the University of Southern California's College of Letters, Arts & Sciences, has been recommended for an award of a $25 million NSF grant to…

The Amazon River outflow extends thousands of kilometers into the Atlantic Ocean.

Support Hiked for Amazon River Study

January 14, 2010

An enormous plume of freshwater leaves the Amazon River and spreads across the tropical Atlantic Ocean, setting the stage for the symbiosis of some bacteria and algae on a scale that appears to subtly influence the climate of…

Team leader and USC College scientist Katrina Edwards. Photo credit Philip Channing

Iron From the Deep May Feed Oceans

February 9, 2009

Iron dust, the gold of the oceans and rarest nutrient for most marine life, can be washed down by rivers or blown out to sea or — a surprising new study finds — float up from the sea floor. The…

Deep-Sea Expedition Begins

Deep-Sea Expedition Begins

November 1, 2008

Seldom has one scientist dived so deep to look at something so small. For three weeks this month, USC College’s David Caron will join an expedition to study marine life around deep-sea hydrothermal vents. His specialty:…

Fish Moving Off the Menu

Fish Moving Off the Menu

January 1, 2008

The last fish you ate probably came from the Bering Sea. But during this century, the sea’s rich food web — stretching from Alaska to Russia — could fray as algae adapt to greenhouse conditions. “All…

Nitrogen in the Air Feeds the Ocean

Nitrogen in the Air Feeds the Ocean

August 1, 2005

A USC oceanographer's long-term study shows that the marine food chain depends in large part on atmospheric nitrogen. The finding also demonstrates the oceans’ massive absorption of greenhouse gas. By Carl…