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Woman on a Shaky Bridge
by Millicent Borges Accardi
Finishing Line Press / Millicent Borges Accardi (MPW, ’93) offers 16 poems, which one reviewer notes “blaze with passion, outrage, wisdom, wit, grief, and love.”



Color Your Life Happy
Create the Success, Abundance and Inner Joy You Deserve
by Flora Morris Brown
BCH / Flora Morris Brown (B.A., English, ’66; M.A., education, ’69; Ph.D., education, ’78) provides practical activities and personal examples that demonstrate the achievements possible when people improve their attitudes and prioritize what is really important.

Masculine, Feminine, and Fully Human
Developmental Paths through the Adult Years
by Richard W. Coan
Authorhouse / Richard W. Coan (Ph.D., psychology, ’55) discusses the 13 different modes of being that have been considered either masculine or feminine.


I Told Me So
Self-Deception and the Christian Life
by Gregg A. Ten Elshof
Eeerdmans / Gregg A. Ten Elshof (Ph.D., philosophy, ’00) discusses self-deception and offers an explanation for its recent neglect in Christian thought.


The Paradoxes of the American Presidency
by Michael A. Genovese and Thomas E. Cronin
Oxford University Press / Arguing that presidential power can best be understood as a series of paradoxes, Michael A. Genovese (Ph.D., political science, ’79) and his co-author examine presidential politics.

Americans in Paris
Life and Death Under Nazi Occupation
by Charles Glass
Penguin / Charles Glass (B.A., philosophy, ’73) looks to the American expatriate experience of Nazi-occupied Paris to reveal a forgotten history of the greatest generation.

A Call to Colors
by John J. Gobbell
Presidio Press / John J. Gobbell (B.A., English, ’60) offers a rousing dramatization of the largest naval battle of World War II — Leyte Gulf.




Heart With Wings
by Lisa Hitchcock
Rosedog books / Lisa Hitchcock (B.A., psychology, ’76) details the trials and tribulations of living with her daughter Nadia in their country home.



Targeted Killing
Self-Defense, Preemption, and the War on Terrorism
by Thomas B. Hunter
Booksurge / Thomas B. Hunter (B.A., English and American literature, ’93), adjunct professor of terrorism and counter-terrorism at Henley-Putnam University, analyzes the tactic of targeted killing, assessing its role, efficacy, and appropriateness.


California Community College Track & Field Hall of Champions
by Larry Knuth
LK Publications / Former USC coach Larry Knuth (M.S., education, ’69; M.A., journalism, ’74) profiles more than 100 track and field Olympians and World Champions, including dozens of former Trojans, who came through California’s community college system.


Technology and the American Way of War Since 1945
by Thomas G. Mahnken
Columbia University Press / In his latest book, Thomas G. Mahnken (B.A., international relations, ’87), explores the relationship between technology and the organizational culture of the U.S. armed services since World War II.


Mark Twain’s Other Woman
The Hidden Story of His Final Years
by Laura Skandera Trombley
Knopf / Despite many Mark Twain biographies, no one has ever determined exactly what took place during those final years after the death of Twain’s wife of 34 years and how those experiences affected Twain, personally and professionally. Laura Skandera Trombley (Ph.D., English, ’89) is president of Pitzer College, a member of The Claremont Colleges, and the preeminent Twain scholar at work today. Trombley went in search of the one woman whom she suspected had played the largest role in Twain’s life during those final years. Until the dramatic breakup of their relationship, Twain spent the bulk of his last six years in the company of Isabel Lyon, who was responsible for overseeing his schedule and finances as well as nursing him through several illnesses. Now, in Mark Twain’s Other Woman, after 16 years of research, uncovering never-before-read papers and personal letters, Trombley tells the full story through Lyon’s meticulous daily journals, which are the only extant detailed record of Twain’s last years and were overlooked by Twain’s previous biographers.


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