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Graduate News

Restaurant consultant and chef Debbie Lee, a former USC College student, will compete against nine other contestants on <em>The Next Food Network Star</em> to win her own culinary television series. Photo courtesy of Food Network.

Add Two Cultures and Stir

June 5, 2009

Pork barbecue, corn bread, black-eyed peas, fried green tomatoes — and Korean-style chicken and dumplings. When Southern soul food comes to mind, flavors of Eastern cuisine are not usually part of the picture. For…

Although forbidden in his native Romania, Alexandru "Alex" Iftimie grew up listening to Radio Free Europe, which influenced him to later study debate. The USC College alumnus is a Soros fellow at Yale Law School. Photo credit Christopher Smith.

A Lesson in Expression

June 1, 2009

Born in Romania, Alexandru "Alex" Iftimie was a child during the Romanian Revolution of 1989 when citizens overthrew the country's communist regime. While Romania was in reform, the USC College alumnus remembers listening to…

Ford Foundation Diversity Fellows include Genevieve Carpio (left), Terrion L. Williamson, Abigail Rosas, Kiana M. Green, Chrisshonna Grant Nieva, Orlando Serrano and Imani Johnson. Photo credit Taylor Foust.

Ford Foundation Diversity Fellows

May 14, 2009

The total number of Ford Foundation Diversity Fellows currently in the American Studies & Ethnicity (ASE) Ph.D. program has increased to ten students, a record number for any Ph.D. program in any field in the…

Van Jones was appointed in March to serve on the White House Council on Environmental Quality. Photo courtesy of Green For All.

Taking a Stand for People and the Planet

May 8, 2009

During a recent ceremony, founding president of Green For All Van Jones was honored with USC College's 2nd annual Sustainability Champion Award. Jones' Oakland-based green jobs advocacy group strives to resolve the ecological…

Danielle Lenglet (left), Sarah Fieber, Sue Kim and Wayetu Moore will head to Saratoga Springs this summer after earning scholarships for the New York State Summer Writers Institute program at Skidmore College. Photo credit Taylor Foust.

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

April 29, 2009

Wayetu Moore was four when her family escaped Liberia amid the country's economic collapse and civil war. The Moores left via Sierra Leone for Houston around the First Liberian Civil War. Her family's survival has inspired…

Black Holes: Eternal Prisons No More

Black Holes: Eternal Prisons No More

March 13, 2009

If you ever fall into a black hole, don't give up. There is a way out! Celebrated physicist, Stephen Hawking, delivered an inspiring speech to a full house in Bovard Auditorium on March 10. USC College Dean Howard Gillman…

So You Want to be a Professor

So You Want to be a Professor

February 4, 2009

At USC College, doctoral students seeking careers in the academe learn to become professionals long before they begin searching for work. The College's Office of Graduate Programs believes that students, facing an…

Mind Games

Mind Games

December 1, 2008

These days older adults are turning to a variety of methods to keep their brains active and maintain their cognitive abilities: Crossword puzzles. Sudoku. Nintendo has even created “Brain Age,” a video game billed…

USC College’s Michael Arbib, Sarah Bottjer and Myron Goodman share honor from leading scientific society.

USC College’s Michael Arbib, Sarah Bottjer and Myron Goodman share honor from leading scientific society.

December 1, 2008

USC College claims three of the five USC scientists named this year as fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in recognition of their outstanding contributions in science and engineering. Michael…

What's Next?

What's Next?

October 1, 2008

For an undergrad, the only thing scarier than being unprepared for finals is being unprepared for the future. But as graduation draws near, many students find themselves unsure of what step to take next, and unfortunately…