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New Faculty Resources

For answers to questions about recruiting students to USC Dornsife:

Dornsife Admissions Office
CAS 100,  213.740-5930


Advising for undecided, pre-health, pre-grad, and pre-law students:

USC Dornsife College Advising
CAS 120,  213.740.2534


English language instruction, assessment and resources to non-native speakers:

American Language Institute (ALI)
JEF 206,  213.740.0079


For questions about student book orders:

USC Bookstore


For help with internships and career opportunities: 

Career Planning and Placement Center
STU 111,  213.740.9111


For Disability Services, student tutoring and the Structured Curriculum Program:

Center for Academic Support
STU 301,  213.740.0776


For faculty fellows on teaching strategies:

Center for Excellence in Teaching (CET)
GFS 211,  213.740.9040


For assistance with student psychological issues: 

Office of Student Counseling
YMCA Building,  213.740.7711


Campus police, for classroom disruptions or potential threats:

Department of Public Safety (DPS)
Parking Structure A
Business: 213.740.6000
Emergency: 213.740.4321


For information about class grades: 

Grades Department
USC Department of Grades
JHH 106,  213.740.5586


For classroom technology support (each building has its own manager, but a general contact at ITS):

Instructional Technology Services


For assistance with General Education, Freshman Seminars, Thematic Option, and other interdisciplinary programs:

Interdisciplinary Studies
CAS 200,  213.740.2961


For help for international students: 

Office for International Students
STU 300,  213.740.2666


For service learning opportunities in the local community:

Joint Educational Project
JEP House, 213.740.1837


For assistance in foreign language learning:

The Language Center
THH 309,  213.740.1188


For students with medical issues:

Student Medical Services
University Park Student Health Center
SHC,  213.740.8742


For issues relating to academic misconduct and academic integrity violations:

Student Judicial Affairs & Community Standards
FIG 107,  213.821.7373


For tutoring and assistance with writing skills:

The Writing Center
THH 321,  213.740.3691


For information about the University Writing Requirements:

The Writing Program
JEF 150, 213.740.1980


For the Dean of USC Dornsife and the Vice Deans:

Office of the Dean of USC Dornsife
ADM 304,  213.740-2531


For the College Business Office: 

Dornsife Business and Financial Affairs
PED 130,  213.740.4940


For assistance with technology in USC College:

Dornsife Technology Services
ACB 530,  213.740.2775