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USC Dornsife New Faculty 2012-13

As the 21st dean of USC Dornsife and myself a new member of this scholarly community, it is my great pleasure to welcome our new colleagues to the faculty. This remarkable group of distinguished scholar-teachers demonstrates our continuing commitment to reaching ever higher levels of excellence.

To our new colleagues: Your dedication to educating our undergraduates, some of the most intellectually nimble in the nation, will ensure that we are among the most forward-looking and innovative colleges in the world. Your commitment to championing our graduate students will attract the keenest young minds so that we may train the next generation of world-class scholars. Your research and scholarly inquiry is critical to improving the human condition and I encourage you to reach out across ordinary boundaries to seek out those interfaces where new solutions are generated. Thanks to every member of our faculty, staff and administration who made it possible for us to attract such fine new faculty.

To our promoted faculty: We appreciate your continued excellence in teaching, research and service. You set an example that makes our community stronger every year.

To our retired colleagues: Your many contributions have built a solid foundation for the continued success of USC Dornsife. Thank you for all that you have done.

I wish you all an engaging, satisfying and productive year.

Steve Kay
Dean, USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences