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Marital Satisfaction and Cortisol Study

LA Times - Study: Dads shoulder more housework, child care; moms still exhausted
APA Monitor - Marital bliss may blunt office blues
Science Daily - For women, marital distress means less relief from stress
Marie Claire UK - Wedded bliss cuts stress for women
UCLA Press Release - For women, martial distress means less relief from stress


Home Tours Study

UCLA Magazine - The Clutter Culture
National Affairs - In a bad place


Housework, Leisure, and Cortisol Study

Prevention - 12 ways to have more fun: Tip #3 Swear off dusting!Los Angeles Times - Irreconcilable differences at the end of the day: Men, women, and housework
NPR's Madeleine Brand Show - Housework stresses women out, while men find zen, new study shows
Real Simple Magazine - Time management techniques for the modern woman
Redbook Magazine - 7 secrets of low-stress families
PsychCentral - Housework increases stress for dual wage earners
Live Science - Working moms: Keys to lower stress
USC Dornsife Press Release - Study examines stress levels for couples: Men's stress levels improve when wives work more


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