Participate in a NEST Study

We are now beginning recruitment for the NEST Lab HATCH (Hormones, Attachment, and Transition to CHildbirth Study. For more information, click here or Contact us at

Couple are eligible if:
- This is the first pregnancy for both members of the couple.
- It is a single (not twin) pregnancy.
- You (the mother and the father) are currently living together and plan to continue living together after the birth of your baby.
- Both members of the couple can complete all study activities in English.
- Both members of the couple are over 18.
- Neither member of the couple is a heavy smoker.
- Neither of you is taking medication that might interfere with hormone levels (steroid medications, Androgen Replacement Therapy etc.) or has a condition that might affect cortisol or testosterone (e.g. Cushing's Disease).