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The NEST Lab is Located in Seeley G Mudd Building Suite 716 at the USC University Park Campus

Dr. Saxbe:
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If you are an undergraduate or recent college graduate interested in volunteering as a research assistant, please write to with a copy of your resume and/or undergraduate transcript and a brief statement of why you're interested in our lab, what projects you would like to help with, and what your availability is like.

If you are interested in applying to our lab as a graduate student, first please check out the graduate admissions on the USC Psychology website, particularly the table of admitted students' GRE and GPA averages here.

Even if you are a perfect fit for our lab, you still need to be admitted to the clinical program as a whole, so you should be at least in the ballpark of these averages. Next, take some time to read through our research and the publications on this site. If you're still interested in joining the lab after that, get in touch with Dr. Saxbe. Include a copy of your CV and tell us why our work interests you.